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Former Hurricanes WR Michael Irvin won’t face sexual assault charges

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Former Miami Hurricanes WR Michael Irvin received word that he won’t have to face sexual assault charges. This has to do with an allegation that improprieties took place at a March 22nd encounter at a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale.

A report was filed that a 27 year old woman accused Irvin of drugging her at the W Hotel and sexually assaulted her. A charge that Irvin vehemently denied. According to Irvin’s lawyer Ken Padowitz, the prosecutors are dropping the charges because of lack of evidence.

Here’s what his lawyer had to say:

“Michael is extremely happy that the truth has come out and it shows the full investigation supports what he’s been saying all along…He’s innocent, justice has been done and the case is closed.”

The news is not only good for Irvin, who won’t have to face a court room, it’s also great for the entire University of Miami program, considering Irvin is a huge ambassador for the team. His son Michael Irvin II is currently on the team where he plays tight end.

Irvin spoke with the Miami Herald this weekend, where Miami held their annual Paradise Camp, where 200 top football players across the country show up to be coached by former Hurricane greats.

Here’s what Irvin said on Saturday about the camp:

“These young guys, all of us together, each guy lined up –Vince Wilfork, Jonathan Vilma, Jon Beason, all those guys – [and these recruits] heard of those guys. They know. Being in that room, you could see their eyes. You could see their eyes light up, you know, at what they have an opportunity to be part of.

Just being here, I love it. Just being here, I think it is important. Somebody said something in the room today, ‘You talk about all these other places. You go and dominate those places [but] you’re not going to eat up there. …This is Miami. You come be a part of something. You dominate here, you joking? You own Miami? We ain’t talking about owning no Tupaloo [Tuscaloosa] somewhere. This is Miami. There is no greater place to own. When you turn in and do it here, you dominate here, you own the world.”

Having Irving being cleared of charges is certainly a good thing for Miami. Mark Richt has done a much better job that his predecessors of incorporating the former players with the current program. Irvin who has never relented from pushing Miami athletics, certainly seems far more engaged than in recent years. It’s good to see Richt creating a clear mechanism to get the old guys back connected to the program. It was something Al Golden wasn’t particularly good with. When it comes to recruiting, it helps out tremendously.



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