Former Gators RB Matt Jones on outs in D.C.?

(Photo by Daniel Kucin Jr./Icon Sportswire)


There’s been one consistency in the Redskins backfield the last three seasons: if you don’t like who the primary ball carrier is, stick around. It will change. And the latest change(s) appear to mean that former Florida running back Matt Jones is the odd man out.

Jones, who tallied just over 1,400 career rushing yards and 11 TDs over parts of three seasons in Gainesville, was the featured runner for the first half of 2016 with the Skins. He ran for almost 500 yards in the first seven games before former Tulane back Rob Kelley took over in the second half of the season.

As the PFT item states, Jones is currently a no-show at the Washington OTAs and that’s the clearest sign that he is likely done in the nation’s capital. And with the Redskins taking Semaje Perine in the draft last month, they have his replacement ready to go.

As we mentioned, this would be the third straight year where Washington would go to a different primary ball carrier to start the season. Alfred Morris had been the workhouse to start 2015 only to be replaced down the stretch that year by Jones, who finished with 490 yards that season. Morris left for the rival Cowboys in 2016.

Jones, who’s 6’2 230lbs., was the Redskins third round pick in 2015 and is cap friendly. However, he seems to think that head coach Jay Gruden has moved on from needing him. Ultimately, that would be Washington’s decision to either hang on to him for depth, as a reserve or boot him. We’ll see.

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