Former Buc Wunsch part of lawsuit vs. Seahawks over painkillers


Up front, you hate to see and read this, but it has unfortunately become common in the modern NFL. Former Buccaneers offensive lineman Jerry Wunsch, who played in Tampa Bay from 1997-2001 and then later in Seattle from ’02-’05, was a likeable friendly mammoth player who is now battling physical and memory issues and, also, his team after he left Tampa Bay, the Seahawks.

Here is the “look ahead” to a Sunday page 1 article in the physical newspaper and what will be the lead story on the Seattle Times website, on Wunsch’s struggles and suing the Seahawks over treatment and painkillers.

As the article states, facing memory loss and financial problems, Wunsch is back living in a small home in Tampa, now divorced, and with sons who are ironically, playing high school football.

And it’s obviously, bombshell stuff within the article about Seattle trainers and doctors dispensing pain killers so frequently, that they became almost common and the norm. It should also be noted that numerous other NFL teams are under investigation by the league, by federal authorities and are part of legal action by former players, all involving pain killers.

It’s not just Wunsch, but his story relates to what we cover, Florida football.

We feel for his plight of trying to get some kind of compensation through the government, NFL and any legal channels for what are obviously issues related to his days playing in the NFL.

It will not be an easy or quick resolution, but here’s hoping Wunsch will get some assistance.

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