Florida State Seminoles

Florida State Rewards Jimbo Fisher With Contract Extension Through 2024

(Photo by Logan Stanford/Icon Sportswire)


Florida State has rewarded head coach Jimbo Fisher with a contract extension that will keep him in Tallahassee until 2024, with a potential extension through 2026. The contract gets extended an addition season if the Noles win at least nine games in that season.

Fisher’s salary will jump to $5.5 million which is a $250,000 increase, which begins next year. This contract places him in the top 5 paid coaches in the country.

The contract also has bonus provisions in it as well. They range from $50,000-$250,000 and they are tied to division and conference championships, bowl appearances as well as coaching awards.

The best part of the contract for Fisher is that he will receive the entirety of his contract even if he’s get fired, unless it’s fired outside of performance.

It looks like the Seminoles are serious about locking down Jimbo Fisher after the potential flirtations with LSU. But since LSU hired their guy, not sure what other school could pose a threat at least money wise to FSU.


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