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The Florida Gators are trolling LSU with Homecoming game

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The feud between the Florida Gators and LSU Tigers hit an even louder crescendo than thought possible after the mess from last season when the Florida Gators designated their October 7th match up against LSU as their homecoming game.

This all stems from last season when Hurricane Matthew was seemingly an imminent threat to disrupt the entire state of Florida, which included the Florida vs. LSU game scheduled at the Swamp. There was an entire series of events which started off of course with confusion. 

As the storm approached there was a total scramble on what to do with the game as there were about a dozen of moving parts. Should the game be canceled and rescheduled? What does this mean to another team that may get bumped from said schedule? If the game is canceled how will the league sort out two of their teams being short of the eight game conference schedule? Finally the league decided to just cancel the game to avoid any further confusion and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

As it turns out, the storm didn’t hit the state as expected and there weren’t really any major issues in Gainesville, but that’s with the reality of hindsight. Then the aftermath of the whole ordeal, which led to even more disarray. Finally the league stepped in and scheduled the game to be played on November 19, but here’s the kicker, it would be played in Baton Rouge instead.  

From the standpoint of the SEC, they seemingly gave the advantage to LSU, since the Florida administration during the time of the decision weren’t being flexible with time and possible neutral site change so they can play the game on the scheduled date. The ordeal was a costly matter for Florida as they lost a home game and had to buy out an out of conference game against Presbyterian.

As it turns out the Gators pulled a huge upset at Tiger Stadium off a goal line stand to clinch the SEC East for the second straight year. 

Fast forward to Thursday on a usually quiet July day, the Florida Gators announced that their October 7th game against LSU will be their homecoming game. Homecoming games are usually reserved for some tomato can team. The Gators aren’t even trying that. They totally went with the troll move and made the LSU game their homecoming game. Which for LSU is a total slight. For Florida it’s giving LSU the middle finger after they got all the leverage from the league a year ago.

As if these teams and fan bases didn’t already hate each other enough. Hurricane Matthew exacerbated the hatred. Now this move by Florida is taking the hatred to a whole new level. Ahh you have to love the SEC. This is totally why it’s the most profitable league in CFB. They schools really know how to get under each other’s skin.

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