How far up will Miami and UCF move in the CFP Rankings?

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The third installment of this seasons College Football Rankings will be coming out tonight, and new faces will appear inside the top 4 and the top 10.

With a pair of top 2 teams going down on Saturday in Georgia and Notre Dame, the door is open for the Miami Hurricanes to slide in.

The Crimson Tide will most likely claim their rightful place at the top like they never left. Following them, however, things can get controversial.

The Clemson Tigers would likely be ranked 2nd based on next team up, but that’s not always how it works, as they also had their share of struggles against the Florida State Seminoles.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Sooners handled the number 6th ranked TCU Horned Frogs, and the Hurricanes completely dismantled the Irish.

The top 4 will be Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Miami in some order, but don’t be surprised, if it’s the Tigers getting the Championship rematch a game early in the Sugar Bowl instead of Atlanta.

With the Sooners and Canes doing battle in the Rose Bowl, for now.

Wisconsin and Auburn will round out the top 6 with both teams having the chance to play their way into the top 4. The Badgers would need to go undefeated due to its lack of a challenging schedule although the play of their opponents lately could help them.

Auburn can make it, if the defeat the Crimson Tide giving them two wins against a number 1 ranked team and another top 10 win if they defeat the Bulldogs in Atlanta, once again.

The ACC championship is shaping up to be a playoff game on its own and could put the winner in the 1 or 2 spot at seasons end.

With all the chaos in the top 10, the door is slowly continuing to creep open for UCF. The Knights keep churning away amid Coach Frost finally having his child and talks going around of a more prominent program potentially pulling him away.

After being ranked 18th in last week’s poll directly behind Virginia Tech and Mississippi State, they should climb up to at least the 15th spot thanks to losses by Michigan State and Washington.

Expect the Knights to be ranked no worse than 15th behind the likes of Penn State and Oklahoma State.  With 2 loss teams in front of them the Knights just need to keep doing their job and let the chips fall in front of them.

The Knights also have a pair of potential good wins on the schedule in rival USF and what could be a top 20 ranked Memphis Tigers team that is also quietly putting up numbers in the AAC.

Everything is shaping up for UCF to crash the New Year’s six parties if they can win out.

They may not be able to get into the National Championship, but they sure can find their way to Atlanta another way.

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