Facemasks beware – Bucs LB Alexander is out to break a few

Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire


TAMPA – Buccaneers middle linebacker Kwon Alexander appears to have egregiously violated coach Dirk Koetter’s mandate to “talk softly and carry a big @#$%&*@-#+$%^& stick.’’

There is, after all, nothing soft at all about what Alexander had to say in the item he posted on his twitter feed on Wednesday night. In fact, it’s downright threatening.

And check out the scowl. It’s hard to know because he doesn’t explain it, but this may be Alexander’s response to Vince Young calling new Bucs backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick “garbage.’’

Or maybe Alexander is just so hyped and ready to get going on the new season that he felt like he had to express himself in a way that lets everyone know he and the Bucs are out to do some damage this year.

Either way, it’s pretty entertaining stuff, and so the countdown is on now to see if Alexander can indeed make good on this quest and actually break someone’s facemask.

That’s easier said than done. Those things these days are made of some kind of fiber composite material that’s virtually impossible to break even with a sledgehammer.

Of course, Alexander does have a bit of sledgehammer in him, and as the focal point of the Bucs defense under coordinator Mike Smith he’s going to get plenty of opportunities to break some facemasks.

And you know Koetter’s going to love it if he does. After all, it was also Koetter who said back in the spring that he wants the Bucs to be known as “a bad-ass football team.’’

One sure way to earn that reputation is to have someone break a few facemasks.


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