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Don’t expect to see Leonard Fournette much this week

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He didn’t come right out and say it, but Jaguars coach Doug Marrone’s tone and body language told us at F.F.I. that Leonard Fournette’s  “sore foot” is something that may very well keep him out of contact for all of this week. A week where the Bucs are coming to practice with the Jags Monday and Tuesday and then, the two play on Thursday night.

Speaking to the media after Sunday morning’s workout, Marrone answered questions on Fournette’s absence from practice and his status. And each time, he looked and sounded like while this foot “problem” appears to be minor so far, Marrone is in no hurry to have Gerald McCoy, LaVonte David, Kwon Alexander and others trying to tackle him early in the week.

Judge here for yourself:

“If it put’s anything in jeopardy for a longer deal, then I probably would hold him.” That was the coach’s answer to the question, “will he practice tomorrow (Monday)?”

That looked and sounded to us, more like: “he’s not gong to practice for Monday and maybe, not all week.”

The Jaguars have every reason to be cautious with their prized draft pick out of LSU, and if some rest this week after two full weeks of camp and a preseason game, is what he needs, it’s what he’ll get.

It should be noted that Fournette came out of the New England game receiving some props for how he looked, especially lowering the head and pads to run through and over defenders. Fournette caused as stir over the weekend, though with him comments that his Thursday preseason pro debut wasn’t that big of a deal.

In fact, his words to the NFL Network after the Jaguars game Thursday were, “…playing in the SEC that kind of helped me a lot. I think to me it was really easy.”

Bottom line is they need him healthy and these practices with Tampa Bay and the game with the Bucs ultimately don’t mean more than Fournette’s foot getting better.

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