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Yet another college QB name surfaces for Dolphins

Florida Football Insiders



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It’s becoming apparent that the Dolphins are not only being thorough in their evaluation of NFL backup QBs, but also, in which college quarterback they might end of taking. The question still remains: are they are disguising their intentions on purpose as part of a “master plan” or are making it up as the go along.

There’s no doubt that Miami has interest in landing a top QB in the upcoming NFL Draft, but sitting at #11 means they top four on most team’s boards may all be gone.

This is apparently, one reason why the Fins signed veteran Brock Osweiler, who has NFL starting experience, and did cost them much.

And just like other teams in the market possibly, for a young quarterback from college, you have to look beyond the first, and maybe the second, rounds.

Miami will do that with a Pac 12 “gunslinger” soon:

As Barry Hyde wrote for the Miami Herald Monday, Falk has size, 6’4″, and comes out of Mike Leach’s “Air Raid” pass happy offense at Washington State. He threw for over 14,000 yards in his career and regularly attempted 50+ throws a game. And as Hyde explained, he’s a QB that will almost certainly still be available in the third round and maybe beyond in late April.

That would be good value and a chance for him to sit and develop behind Ryan Tannehill, and maybe, Osweiler, for the 2018 season. There is a concern that Leach’s simplistic spread offense, without much of a playbook, would possibly be a concern with him adjusting to the more complicated NFL.

Hyde also wrote, two more interesting items about other QB prospects and visits. One, that Miami can talk to is Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, as a “local/regional” prospect at their facility. And, that he wouldn’t count against the 30 allowed visits from the NFL for draft eligible players.

Also, as Hyde says, the Dolphins are not expected to use one of those facility visits on UCLA QB Josh Rosen, but rather go see him in L.A. soon.

It’s not likely that Rosen will be around still at #11, as both the Giants and the Jets picking two and three, respectively, are slated to take quarterbacks.

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