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With Jets allegedly out, when do Patriots get in on Ndamukong Suh?

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Another day and another twist for the possible new home of former Dolphins Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. We wrote yesterday that he was apparently back in his home of Portland, Oregon, considering several teams and offers. And, that one of those offers was allegedly from Miami’s division rival, the Jets.

This was definitely a significant turn in the story, as we wrote Saturday:

The Jets are not only an intriguing option because they would play Miami twice every season, but because it’s the #1 media market with endorsement opportunity galore. And, New York also has $37.9 million under the cap, as of Friday night, which is fifth most remaining room of all teams.

Well, if it’s New York, there has to be a “plot twist” and that would be this late Sunday afternoon tip from New York tv reporter/host Ralph Vacchiano:

Christopher Johnson is the son of the owner Woody Johnson, and team CEO. And, for whatever reason (perhaps price tag?) didn’t approve of whatever the Jets were offering to Suh.

It’s important to also point out that Suh never actually met with the Jets, although he may very well have spoken or at least been communicating with coach Todd Bowles.

So with the Jets off the board, the Saints and the Rams whom he visited would appear to have interest. However, New Orleans doesn’t seem to have “two nickels to rub together” under the cap right now. Meanwhile, the Rams have over $35 million under the cap, as of Sunday night.

There is also alleged interest from the Tennessee Titans who have already signed both DB Malcolm Butler and RB Dion Lewis away from the Patriots, too.

Speaking of the Patriots, we at F.F.I. are still waiting for New England to enter “the Suh equation,” too.

Even though the Patriots have slim cap room ($9 million Sunday night), they have the championship lure that could intrigue Suh.

And, it’s exactly what Bill Belichick and the Pats like to do with “cast off” players, especially a division team.

Now, we wait.

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