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Who are Bucs, Dolphins and Jaguars likely “Cap Casualties?”

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It’s the unfortunate darkside of the NFL business. With free agency fast approaching, teams are scrambling to see what kind of room they have under the salary cap. And that is true for the three state NFL teams, the Bucs, the Dolphins and the Jaguars.

So, we decided to take a look at the most likely player off of each roster currently that will be deleted to free up money.

DeSean Jackson

This one comes as no surprise. And it’s the most obvious move that any of our three teams can make. The veteran wide receiver came into Tampa Bay heralded as a big-play threat, but fizzled out halfway into this second season.

It’s well known and been widely reported the Jackson is not on the same page with Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. In particular, Jackson’s unhappiness stems from Winston repeatedly not being able to hit him accurately with long throws down the field.

And, as we wrote in December, it appeared that the Bucs were ready to move on from Jackson as last season was winding down. This, as he was continually inactive down the stretch with a supposed hand injury, but it was obvious that he was being a malcontent on the field and the sideline, too.

Jackson’s $11 million in 2019 money in the third and final year of his deal has no guarantees and there is no salary cap implication for the Bucs to outright release him. The only question mark is whether GM Jason Licht, who originally signed him from the Redskins, wants to try to receive something in return in a possible trade for the speedy Jackson?

However, that’s not going to help the Buccaneers come free agency with dollars that they need to be competitive to go try to lure, say, a top-flight offensive lineman,  or an experienced player in the secondary and on and on.

Robert Quinn

The Dolphins certainly have other players they could get rid of, like WR DeVante Parker, who they could pull his fifth year option of rookie deal and money off the table and make him an unrestricted free agent. And, obviously there’s a lot of buzz that QB Ryan Tannehill maybe done as the starting quarterback due to his high price tag. Plus, the fact that it’s now a new regime’ with Brian Flores as coach, and Chad O’Shea as offensive coordinator. And then there’s also the argument that Tannehill has simply been too injury-prone the last two seasons to warrant a $18+ million a year salary.

However, Quinn, who was acquired in a trade last March with the LA Rams, is about to be 29 years old and is in the final year of his deal slated to make $12.9 million, and importantly, none of which is guaranteed. He is also owed a $1.1 million dollar signing bonus coming up on March 15th.

Flores’ background is in defense and one thing you know out of the mindset of the Patriots where he’s come from is: they don’t spend a lot. This is especially not on veterans, and you could easily see Quinn being told to take a massive pay cut or to “take a hike” in this situation.

Marcell Dareus

While on the surface this seems like a move that the Jaguars would not make, as Dareus is a former # 1 pick and played for Doug Marrone in Buffalo before the Jaguars traded for him in October of 2017, the Jags have serious financial motivation for them to make a move.

Dareus’ $10.5 million 2019 contract is not guaranteed and he’s owed a $2 million roster bonus coming up in March. Plus, after a dismal 5 – 11 season where Dareus didn’t make much impact, and the Jaguars drafting Gators defensive tackle Taven Bryan in the first round a year ago, Bryan a cheaper option at the same position .

So, if you’re looking to free up room this is a place to start.

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