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What to believe about Jarvis Landry’s status with Dolphins?

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As Thursday wound down at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, the saga of Jarvis Landry, his franchise tag from the Dolphins and whether he’s going to get a long term deal from them or another team, heated up.

First, as we wrote earlier in the week, by placing the tag on Landry that guarantees him $16 million for 2018, the Dolphins gave him all the leverage and power. And, it was clear earlier and now even clearer as the week has worn on that Miami is in fact negotiating with themselves.

Next, ESPN reported on Thursday afternoon, that the Dolphins front office, VP Mike Tannenbaum and GM Chris Grier, etc. had conversations with Landry’s agent Demarius Bilbo, and that they went well.

Whatever “communication ‘went extremely well’ truly means, no one knows? Example, the communication could have been from the Fins “we’re never giving you a long term deal,” and if he got the message, then it “went extremely well.”

Then Thursday evening, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport tweeted from Indy:

So, that lends credence to the hypothetical we sarcastically made above, that the Dolphins don’t have any intention of giving their best receiver and best offensive weapon a blockbuster deal. Curious strategy after you put a $16 million tag on him.

It’s been reported previously that the Ravens showed trade interest for Landry, but didn’t come close to meeting what the Dolphins were looking for in compensation.

The reality is this: by letting Landry look for the trade partner and talk extension, etc., he and his team are in complete control. They could shop and like a team or not. Ultimately, they can report back to the Dolphins that they would go to one of several teams or tell them they are sitting tight.

Known as, making the Dolphins “negotiate against themselves.”

How could they have handled this differently?

Obviously, they could have shopped Landry privately, and maybe they have been, and when they got a team really interested, work out compensation and then, go to Landry’s side for extension talks.

Instead, they leave the fourth year receiver in control. And Miami may be right where they started, next week or the week after: with Jarvis Landry slated to make $16 million this year and be a free agent, again.

Later on Thursday night, Palm Beach Post Dolphins beat writer Joe Schad tweeted another interesting tidbit to add to his leverage:

Again, at that point, Landry doesn’t have to agree to a long term contract with anyone. And likely, no team would be willing to trade anything significant to Miami, if Landry won’t agree to rescind the tag and agree long term.

An option that the Dolphins gave him, when all of this started.

We’ll see the next moves, soon.

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