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What is bigger concern for Dolphins with DeMarco Murray, age or money?

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As the Dolphins search for a veteran running back to add to their offense, their attention turns to former Pro Bowler DeMarco Murray. He is visiting the Dolphins facility Monday and talking with the coaching staff, front office personnel, etc.

There is no doubt that Miami would like to have a veteran presence, like what Murray would bring, but the key questions are: at 30 years old, are his best days behind him and what will it cost to land him?

The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero laid out the “age argument” against Murray this morning:

And as Salguero wrote: “Murray is 30 years old. And while 30 years old is not old in some sports circles and can even be acceptable in professional football at some positions, Murray is a running back. And a 30-year-old running back who has been with three different teams raises red flags.”

And another obvious “red flag” is his lack of 2017 production. Murray’s 659 yards in 15 games were the fewest of his career and his 3.6 average matched his career worst (his dreadful 2015 one year in Philly).
So obviously, age is going to be a factor, and concern over how productive he will be in year two or three of a mult-year deal.
However, we at F.F.I. still feel that bigger than age, the number that they will battle over the most is: what salary/structure? How much guaranteed, etc.?
Murray has been paid on average over $7 million the last three seasons with the Eagles and then, the Titans. The Eagles originally gave him a five year $40 million dollar deal with a $5 million signing bonus in 2015.
The Titans traded for Murray the next off season and  re-worked that deal giving him $12.5 million as a signing bonus to help their cap situation.
However, realistically, he isn’t going to get anywhere near $12 million to sign in Miami or anywhere else. He might not even get $5 million in guarantees this year from any team, anywhere.
So, the key to a deal getting done with the Fins is, at what price will Murray be willing to come to them?
Speaking of age, a younger running back Jeremy Hill (25 years old) just signed a one year $1.5 million deal Sunday with New England that isn’t guaranteed for 2018. But, that’s going to play for Belichick and the Patriots and on an instant contender for the Super Bowl.
So, Murray and the Dolphins can visit, discuss schemes and usage of his skills, etc. but we believe more so than being scared off by his age, the Dolphins will back away from the negotiating table, if a multi-year deal is insisted upon that has lots of guaranteed money requested.
Now, that part is up to DeMarco Murray.
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