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The NFL schedule maker hates your team- Dolphins edition

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We have decided to take a 100% “tongue in cheek” look at how fans can perceive that the NFL hates their team because of what they did or did not schedule for the 2018 season that was released Thursday night.

And now, the Dolphins edition.

It was a disappointing 2017 for Dolphins fans. There’s no denying that 6-10 a year after having been 10-6 and making the playoffs as an AFC Wildcard team was a step back.

But this is a new year.

And, never mind that the group of Tannenbaum, Grier and Gase have jettisoned Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry, and Ndamukong Suh and gotten a grand total of a third and a fourth round pick in this year’s draft to do it. (Feel the sarcasm yet?)

The schedule release is about 2018, and hope, new players acquired in March and new opponents….and, what was that last night from the NFL?

Yes, you open at home against a playoff team in the Titans with all-everything QB Marcus Mariota, but after that? You play three of the next four games on the road with two against division foes the Jets and Patriots?

“Holy Shaky Start, Batman!” Is the NFL trying to get Adam Gase fired in the first six weeks of the season?!?

Next, is the obvious. Just like Jacksonville’s gripe, where are the prime time games for what is traditionally one of the recognizable franchises in NFL history?

Ok, Nevermind that Dan Marino hasn’t suited up in 18 years, these are the Dolphins! You know, the great weather, the aqua unis with the new orange outlines around the numbers, South Beach….the Dolphins!

Meh. Guess not.

One scheduled game under the lights on national television? And, it’s against the fumbling bumbling Texans on a Thursday night on the road? No Monday nighters? No Sunday night marquee match up?

Apparently, not.

Another sign of clear spite (to hear Miami sportsradio caller tell it) is that Fins are not a cold weather team. Everyone knows this. Yet, what could be the biggest game of the year (to make the playoffs or not) will be at Buffalo.

On December 30th.

Where you will likely have sub freezing temps, 30 m.p.h. wind gusts and probably some freezing rain or snow to contend with that day.

And didn’t the Fins have to do this in Western New York last December? And, also December of 2016, too?

Who in the name of Jim Cantore is responsible for the placing the South Florida team in the icebox at the end of the year, three years in a row?

Yes, there are only two playoff teams in the first eleven match-ups on this schedule unveiled Thursday night, but “Good Grief Charlie Brown,” the last five games are all playoff teams when it matters the most. Those would be Buffalo (twice) New England, Minnesota and Jacksonville.

Does the NFL just not like the Dolphins, or did it just work out this way? (*wink*wink)

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