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The Bears? Jarvis Landry can do better

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As the saga of where Jarvis Landry ends up playing in 2018 unfolds at the NFL Combine, in South Florida, and now, parts beyond, there are going to be some silly reports.

The latest is all the reporting on Thursday afternoon and evening that the Dolphins have given their star receiver, in his prime, the chance to find a trade partner. This after guaranteeing him $16 million as a franchise player next year.

Then, there will be “scratch your head” and even goofy reports, about teams and possibilities.

Like the late night one from the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, who is a tremendous writer and has insight, but has a source of some kind telling him that “Chicago has emerged as a candidate” for the fomer #1 pick’s services.

We don’t doubt that the Bears have interest in Landry. They would also have interest in RB LeVeon Bell of the Steelers, who is perhaps going to be on the  market coming up, too. And then, they would have interest in the Seahawks, trading Pro Bowl DE Michael Bennett to them (if that’s what Seattle is doing), too.

They would have interest in Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson and Antonio Brown, etc. etc.

Chicago having interest is one thing.

Here’s reality: if players have a choice, like Miami has apparently given Landry, why would he choose Chicago over numerous other logical and contending candidates?

Here are the top three teams that have the most room right now under the 2018 salary cap and we think there is a glaring one that Landry would talk to, prominently. See if you agree:

The Browns $111.7 million, the Jets $94.7 million and then, the Bears $80.3 million to spend.

Which one of those teams is in the #1 media market, is a Dolphins arch division rival, and has more cap flexibility this year than the Bears, etc.?

We agree. J-E-T-S. Jets. Jets. Jets.

Now, you also look at that same list and see the 49ers are sixth in room with $71.7 million for now to spend. Why wouldn’t Landry entertain being the #1 guy for Jimmy Garappolo, if (as we are led to believe) it’s his choice?

Then, we just to continue to pile on.

You have contending teams like Saints, from the state where Landry played in college at LSU, who have $33.7 million in cap room for now, and wait for it….. you even get to a team like, the Patriots, who have $19.4 million for now. Plus, players often take less to go play in New England, because, gee, they win all the time, and play in the Super Bowl almost every year.

And that would be an even bigger nightmare for Miami fans, if Landry is catching footballs from Tom Brady next season.

Then, again, as Jackson wrote, Landry can sign the franchise tag and stay in Miami if he wants , too.

Again, all his choices.

Chicago? Um, not seeing it.

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