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The argument for Dolphins to take QB Lamar Jackson at eleventh overall

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We are heading to the home stretch of the four month off season process of NFL Draft evaluation, and when it comes to the quarterback position, there is no disputing that there is talent and depth. Likely, we will see three quarterbacks taken in the first four picks on Thursday night. Now, who are they and to what team, including those who might trade up into the top five? That is still, yet to be seen.

There is also no denying that besides the top names of Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen, there is a “next layer” of QB’s that may also get consideration for mid-late first round status. That layer is led, in our opinion, by Louisville QB and former Heisman winner, Lamar Jackson.

We have written plenty on behalf of Jackson and his possible draft position, including on the ridiculous subject prior to the NFL Scouting Combine that he should perhaps work out wide receiver.

To his credit, Jackson, who is currently not using an agent and representing himself, took the high road and simply told teams that he is a quarterback only and those who choose to pass on him are doing so at their own risk.

Now, as for the Dolphins, we know that they currently are sitting at 11th overall, and there is likely no way, short of a draft night “free fall” for one of those previous top four names to slip to them. Will they try to trade and move up?

Or will they sit tight, and possibly go for Jackson as the dual threat QB of their future?

Head coach Adam Gase has been adamant this off-season that they are committed to bringing back injured Ryan Tannehill as the starter this July, when camp begins.

However, if the team has paid so much attention to Mayfield in specific, has interviewed all the top QB’s at some point and also, Lamar Jackson at their facility like they did last week, then they are clearly considering QB with their first pick.

Further, there is momentum building for Jackson, who has visited with teams like the Patriots, Cardinals and Saints, as well in the last couple of weeks.

On the newest edition of their “Move the Sticks” podcast on, etc., hosts Rhett Lewis and draft analyst and former NFL defensive back Bucky Brooks, debated Jackson’s status moving up:

Again, there are a lot of compelling reasons to take Jackson, especially in the middle of the first round Thursday.

Maybe, the 11th pick is too early or maybe someone might surprise the Dolphins, and everyone else, and jump up into the top 10 to take him, too?

In any event, he’s an explosive player, who’s every bit as proven, or more proven at the college level than Darnold, Rosen or Allen.

Only fellow Heisman winner Mayfield did something more than Jackson by leading his team to the College Football Playoff twice. They lost both semi-final games.

And, Miami would be smart to consider him for their future, just like they’re considering the other four.

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