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The Dolphins are still trying to figure it all out offensively. With QB Ryan Tannehill coming back from ACL surgery, with their best weapon (Jarvis Landry) having been virtually given away to the Cleveland Browns because management didn’t want to give him a huge contract, and now, with a new offensive coordinator trying to make sense of it all, it’s a lot.

However, that’s the situation for Dowell Loggains, who had been in Chicago (above), but is now at the helm of molding the offensive after re-uniting with coach Adam Gase.

Loggains met with the media this weekend during rookie mini-camp on a variety of subjects, but the one that interested us the most is what kind of philosophical adjustment he intends to make.

That would be an emphasis on “playing faster” or tempo. And, the Dolphins intend to pick that up.

Here were his full comments:

As Loggains said, “Obviously, we want to run an uptempo no huddle offesnse that Adam has done in the past. That’s what our vision is. And, we’re trying to get going that way.”

The stats bear out that the Fins were 22nd last year in plays run per game (62.2), and that was a full five play average behind the top three teams in the league (the Patriots, the Eagles and the Broncos). And, even scarier, Miami was last in the NFL in Gase’s first season at 57.7 plays per game. That was almost 10 plays less than the 2016 top ten average.

Granted, some of thos numbers can be skewed by not making first downs to sustain drives/the other team doing so, etc. However, this is obviously something that Loggains has been tasked with improving, since coming in from the Bears this off season.

In particular, when talking “no huddle,” and Ryan Tannehill now getting ready for a third year in Gase’s offense, that’s something to watch for as the season begins this fall.

As for Loggains thoughts on how Tannehill has looked? Here’s more from Loggains on Saturday:

“It’s been impressive to watch Ryan throw the football and the command he has of the offense. The 2016 season, he had such a good year and for me, when I got here, the first thing I did was turn on the OTAs and training camp right before he got hurt, and got to watch how much improvement, how much jump he was taking in Year two. It was unfortunate he got hurt. Obviously, the offense was affected by it.”

There’s no question that the Fins became a plodding, seven step drop offense with Tannehill’s training camp re-injury and the signing of Jay Cutler out of “retirement” last August to take things over.

Now, Gase, Loggains and the staff want to take the next steps with Tannehill back, and that means play faster, run more plays and wear down the other team, especially in the South Florida humidity.

He’s got young skill players like Kenyan Drake, rookie Kalen Ballage, Devante Parker, Kenny Stills, new free agent Albert Wilson and new draft pick Mike Gesicki that can go faster.

Still, saying it is one thing, the proof of how fast Miami’s willing and actually playing on offense, will come starting in September.

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