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Suh leaves New Orleans without deal-could Patriots be in mix?

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Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

After there was considerable speculation Saturday that Ndamukong Suh would sign some type of deal with the Saints, alas, the latest is: he’s left without an agreement.

Suh broke his own news on social media Saturday evening, that he was on to the next stop of his “free agency tour”

The fact that he met with the Saints brass and coach Sean Payton on Friday and Saturday, and they didn’t come to terms may indicate exactly what we wrote about Saturday. That Suh may not be in a leverage position to get a huge multi-year deal from any team at this point.

Rather, he should perhaps, start taking the strategy of the best one year deal with a contending team and look to cash in this time next year for 2019 free agency.

An interesting tweet from the always plugged in Ian Rapoport of NFL Network about where Suh might be headed/fit in:

The Titans have already been serious players in free agency, as they went and grabbed both DB Malcolm Butler and RB Dion Lewis from the Patriots already. And both of those deals included significant guaranteed money in them. Tennessee was a wildcard playoff team last year and even, shocked the Chiefs in a great comeback win to advance to the Divisional Round match-up with the Patriots.

So, Suh, could be like Calais Campbell a year ago, and head to the smaller market team on the rise.

What ought to also concern Dolphins fans slightly is where else Suh may end up.

New England.

As of Sunday morning, the Pats had approximately $18.3 million to spend on the cap, which includes the space for the upcoming draft.

And, even though their defensive coordinator Matt Patricia left to go be the head coach the Lions, New England and Bill Belichick love these types of defensive players and deals.

If they can get a former Pro Bowler, who already knows the division, and on something like the one year deal the Pats did with Darrelle Revis in 2014, they may very well jump at it.

They also did the same with DE/DT Chris Long two years ago on a one year deal and he helped the win the Super Bowl with the dramatic comeback over Atlanta.

Again, it’s specualtion based on who else has a multi year deal offer (of if they do) for Suh.

But, if there’s not a great one and they are not a contender, then the Patriots could make a lot of sense.

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