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Report of Dolphins trading Landry to Bears for Jordan Howard quickly debunked

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We are on the eve of free agency mayhem and there have also already been trades made, too. So you have to be on alert for all rumors, but take some with a grain of salt, also.

After a Saturday afternoon when a report about a swap of Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry for Bears RB Jordan Howard and a swap of draft picks was out there, we at F.F.I. were already dubious. And, as quickly as the talk of the trade got out, it was shot down by national NFL insiders.

Then, Saturday night came reports that Landry will sign the Franchise Tag that guarantees his 2018 salary at $16 million. More on that later.

First, it was a Chicago media member with the “juicy rumor”

The specifics of Landry and a third round pick going to Bears for Howard, and then, Miami would move up from #11 overall to #8 overall in the first round made this deal have sizzle.

The reasons we were dubious were these: this smelled like something the Dolphins would have leaked after making inquires about Howard being available from Chicago. This, is because they in part, want Landry to agree to go somewhere and take a long term deal from another team.

The second thing is what we wrote Friday, if Landry is free to look and seek out a dance partner, why Chicago in front of others that make more sense?

And, sure enough, after a couple of hours, here you go, starting with Mike Florio:

And around the same time, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network also threw a ice bucket on the Landry-Howard plus picks swap and took it a step further:

We choose to believe Rapoport that Howard wasn’t even part of this, and we’ll take that as confirmation of our theory, that it was what the Dolphins may have been asking for or just “planting” to get reaction.

For his part, Landry released another long video through social media on Saturday, where he basically says he’s not likely to sign the franchise tag at $16 million, for now.

For the record, we don’t buy that either. That’s him negotiating publicly against the Fins.

UPDATE at 9:45 p.m.: we were again proven correct, as according to multiple reports, Landry will now sign the tag shortly guaranteeing his money for this year.

So, the Jarvis Landry saga continues.

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