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Prominent Bucs, Dolphins and Jags will announce 2019 draft picks

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With the 2019 NFL Draft upcoming, once again the three state pro teams will have prominent former players involved in announcing their draft picks after the first round.

The NFL unveiled the list Thursday afternoon of players to read the picks on the second night of the draft from Nashville, and that included the Bucs, Dolphins and Jaguars:

For Tampa Bay, they will have former first-round pick quarterback Trent Dilfer announcing their second-round selection and former Super Bowl MVP defensive back Dexter Jackson name their 3rd round selection.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins will utilize current running back Kenyan Drake for their upcoming third round selection.

And, the Jaguars will use the help of their all time leading running back Fred Taylor (second) and former clutch kicker Josh Scobee (third) to help them make selections on night two of the draft.

Back to the Buccaneers, Dilfer was a “lightning rod figure,” as an inconsistent quarterback for a Buccaneers team in the late 90’s that had an outstanding defense. He did quarterback the Bucs to their first playoff spot and victory in 15 years during 1997. Dilfer would leave Tampa Bay as a free agent and eventually won a Super Bowl quarterbacking the Ravens, ironically at the Bucs home, Raymond James Stadium.

Meanwhile, speaking of Super Bowl winners, Jackson had two of the five interceptions or Oakland’s Rich Gannon in the Bucs rout of the Raiders in their Super Bowl win of 2003 and he was named the game’s Most Valuable Player.

As for the Dolphins, Drake became more of a feature back in 2018 with modest success. However, he will forever be known in Miami lore, as the guy who ran the ball into the end zone with no time left (above) on the “Miami Miracle” double- lateral play to defeat the New England Patriots last December.

Finally, Taylor was Jacksonville’s dominant between-the-tackles running weapon for almost 10 years and is one of the most popular players in franchise history. Taylor ran for over 11,000 yards (including seven 1,000 yard seasons) and 80 touchdowns during his Jaguars playing days.

And Scobee kicked 11 seasons in North Florida and  is known as being a clutch kicker with an 80% career conversion rate and 301 successful field goals.

The draft will take place in Nashville the final weekend of April with night two being Friday night for the second and third round selections.

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