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Playoff beard?

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As the Dolphins continue preparation for their upcoming road showdown with the Buffalo Bills Sunday, the talk, ever so softly, is staring about the “P” word: Playoffs. And, for QB Jay Cutler he’s making it known that his sudden surge in facial hair is, in fact, directly related to a Fins push for the AFC Wildcard.

You may or may not be aware that National Hockey League players have been famously growing their beards in the Stanley Cup Playoffs post-seasons for decades. The tradition/superstition is “grow the beard until you are eliminated.” And, we have seen some guys end up with forests on their faces by the time June rolls around and the Cup is hoisted by a team.

So, back to Cutler and the recent lack of good facial grooming. What’s up?

Yep. Playoff beard.

He said as much on Thursday when he met with the Miami media. He didn’t shave prior to the win over his old team, the Broncos two weeks ago and still had the growth for Monday night’s upset of the Patriots.

And, as this item in the Miami Herald lays out, Cutler doesn’t plan to shave until the Dolphins lose. Which, if they have any hope to make the playoffs, they cannot do in the final three games. It’s obviously a long shot that Miami can get to 9-7, and then get in on a tiebreaker for a Wildcard spot.

However, you aren’t out, until they say you are out. And for now, the Dolphins are alive.

Back to Cutler. He was also asked Thursday about what wife Kristin Cavallari thinks of the beard and he said basically she’s not a fan.

However, Cavallari hasn’t really been around the QB very much the last 10-14 days, as she and the couple’s children are still living in Nashville, while the season plays out. She has been commuting to home and road games this year.

Checkout his full comments and see “the facial follicles” for yourself:

Will the Mrs. ultimately stop the playoff beard in it’s tracks?

If the Dolphins find a way to win on Sunday, don’t count on it.

After all, Miami needs every edge it can find, psychological or otherwise, if they are going to win their last five games and have a shot.

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