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Patriots? “They’re not our big brother anymore”

Florida Football Insiders



Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire

Love them or hate them, it’s no secret the current champion New England Patriots are the standard of NFL greatness this century. But, for the Dolphins Jarvis Landry, he’s tired of Miami falling in line with the other division and conference teams behind the Pats.

As we wrote yesterday, Landry is a big part of the “NFL U.K.” promotional tour the last few days for the annual multiple league games that will be played in England this fall.

One of the people participating with him in the tour is NFL insider/writer Peter King, who got the Dolphin star receiver to go on the record about Miami’s dramatic improvement after a 1-4 start a year ago into a playoff team by season’s end.

Here’s the link to King’s column that leads with Landry talking about the Dolphins taking the next step in progress, which is beating and surpassing the Patriots in the AFC East:

The line that strongly resonates, and it’s why it’s our headline above is: “they’re not our big brother anymore.”

That mentality from one of the stars/leaders in Miami is the foundation of what it will take to eventually topple the Patriots as the East kingpins. No one is saying “that’s all it takes.” But, clearly you must start with the belief that A. We are as good as the Patriots and then, B. Prepare and play like it on Sundays, especially the two games against them.

It’s also very interesting that Landry points immediately to coach Adam Gase, as to why he believes that the Fins are capable of becoming AFC East champs and beyond. Certainly with him being a first time head coach and the shaky start in 2016, there were doubts about Gase.

But he obviously, he won them over privately in the meeting rooms, the practice field and more importantly, on game days. And in the end, winning nine of 10 games get to 10-5 last December and secure a final playoff spot without having to beat New England in the final game was proof of that.

Again, the next step is beating the Pats, head to head, and in the division race. And no one has done that in about a decade.

Landry believes the Dolphins are ready. Then again, it’s April and talk is abundant, but, still Miami fans have to smile reading one of their stars verbalize: we can and will beat them.

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Miami Dolphins

“Ludicrous Speed?”

Florida Football Insiders



Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

You need to have some levity to get through rigors of training camp, and Tuesday coach Adam Gase provided some in the form of 1980’s “B Comedies” and his team’s no-huddle offense.

The Dolphins showed part of that up tempo offense on the first series of their preseason opening game with the Bucs last Thursday night. And, QB Ryan Tannehill was effective running it on that opening drive.

However, we haven’t seen the fastest version of the Fins hurry up….it’s known in their lingo as “Ludicrous Speed.”

Now, unless you are a huge fan of the Sci-fi “spoof” movie from 1987, “Spaceballs,” that reference is likely lost on you. The movie stars Mel Brooks, Rick Moranis, John Candy, Bill Pullman and Daphne Zuniga, and is primarily mocking the the ultra popular “Star Wars” series of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The reference to “Ludicrous Speed” comes from this scene, where Moranis, as the faux Darth Vader, is ordering his ship to chase after the “good guys.” Whether you’ve seen it or haven’t here goes:

It’s one of several memorable silly slapstick humorous scenes in the flick.

And that brings us to more humor with head coach Adam Gase being asked about “Ludicrous Speed” at his Tuesday post practice press conference.

Gase, laughed and knew that QB Ryan Tannehill had described that version to the media of the no huddle, where the team races to the line to run the same play, and try to catch the defense off guard or substituting, etc.

He was then, asked if it actually came from the movie?

“You know it? (Gase to a reporter)…. Yeah. There’s a lot of 80’s terms. You gotta remember, when we started this thing, who the quarterback was. The only problem was no one else knew what we were talking about. So it was good between me and him, but nobody else.”

The “who the quarterback was” is reference to soon to be Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, and the terms from when they were together in Denver a few years ago.

Manning, a child of the mid-late 80’s, obviously would use some of these terms or references as code words in the terminology for teams.

Our colleague, Chris Fischer of NBC-TV in Miami, put together his little feature involving Tannehill’s comments, the movie clips and Dolphins “speed, and posted it.

We say, Bravo to that.

And, Bravo to keeping guys and gals like Moranis, Pullman, Zuniga, and of course the late John Candy relevant a little longer.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins RB Kalen Ballage dealing with concussion

Florida Football Insiders



Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The good news for Fins fans is that veteran running back Frank Gore was back on the practice field Tuesday morning after getting a “veteran rest day” on Monday. The bad news? Rookie running back Kalen Ballage is in the concussion protocol and now, not likely to play in their second preseason game Friday night at the Panthers.

Ballage apparently suffered the concussion in Monday morning’s workout and was being held out Tuesday with the media having been notified that he’s now in the league mandated protocol.


That means Ballage, Miami’s fourth round pick out of Arizona State, will have to clear several phases to be cleared to return to practices, much less a game.

We wrote about “growing pains” for the rookie after he fumbled in the opener last Thursday, and then was chewed out by QB Ryan Tannehill for missing his pass blocking assignment in Sunday’s practice. A missed assignment that would have led to a blindside smash to Tannehill had it been a regular season game.

While it’s a setback, it doesn’t mean Ballage’s preseason development and reps are finished. It means that it’s all on hold for him

One of the beneficiaries of that is fellow backup running back Senorise Perry. Perry ran well, especially in the second half, of Miami’s 26-24 loss to Tampa Bay last week. He finished with four carries for 35 yards and a TD. He also had two receptions for 10 yards, too.

And the fourth year back out of Louisville is now getting some attention for his play early in camp, as well. This includes offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains praising after Monday’s practice.

Obviously, Miami has their two main backs set in Gore and Kenyan Drake. However, there is now true competition for which back will be in the mix to be third string and active for most games come the regular season.

A competition that, for now has swung in Perry’s favor, as he will likely see significant playing time in the second half on Friday night.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins release reserve DT who fought Kenyan Drake Monday

Florida Football Insiders



Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of year in training camp, where the days are hot and after awhile, the tempers get hot, too.

It happened in Jaguars camp involving Dante Fowler, as he and fellow defensive lineman Yannick Ngakoue got into a near fight and had to be separated by teammates. Eventually, Fowler was suspended for the rest of this week, because of his actions.

Well, on Monday a reserve defensive tackle, Gabe Wright, did wrong. And the wrong he did has caused the team to get rid of him:

Wright made the mistake of throwing a punch at starting running back Kenyan Drake and a scuffle that involved multiple teammates trying to break it up ensued. And the media even perked up watching it unfold:

And now, the fourth year vet, who was with his third team, is being made an example out of for his actions.

Head coach Adam Gase wasn’t scheduled to talk with the media on Monday. Instead it was an opportunity for the coordinators, Dowell Loggains on offense and Matt Burke on defense, to answer questions.

Loggains talked in general terms about the “dust up” that happened with Wright and Drake,

“Everyone is getting tired of hitting each other. In camp, that’s what happens in the NFL about this time every year, every team.”

Meanwhile, at Bucs camp Monday, their coach Dirk Koetter already sounded a warning to his team, as they prepare to head to Nashville and practice this week with the Titans.

Koetter told the media that he’s already been over certain players on his roster with Titans new coach Mike Vrabel, who did the same, and if there’s trouble, those players will be sent off the field to the locker room.

It remains to be seen if, which players, will have that punishment put on them come Tuesday and Wednesday.

The same applies here with the Dolphins. Had this been Cam Wake, Robert Quinn, etc. who got into with Drake, they may have been sent to the locker room. But, not to the waiver wire.

That’s where someone like Gabe Wright has to know their place.

He does now.

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