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Patriots? “They’re not our big brother anymore”

Florida Football Insiders



Love them or hate them, it’s no secret the current champion New England Patriots are the standard of NFL greatness this century. But, for the Dolphins Jarvis Landry, he’s tired of Miami falling in line with the other division and conference teams behind the Pats.

As we wrote yesterday, Landry is a big part of the “NFL U.K.” promotional tour the last few days for the annual multiple league games that will be played in England this fall.

One of the people participating with him in the tour is NFL insider/writer Peter King, who got the Dolphin star receiver to go on the record about Miami’s dramatic improvement after a 1-4 start a year ago into a playoff team by season’s end.

Here’s the link to King’s column that leads with Landry talking about the Dolphins taking the next step in progress, which is beating and surpassing the Patriots in the AFC East:

The line that strongly resonates, and it’s why it’s our headline above is: “they’re not our big brother anymore.”

That mentality from one of the stars/leaders in Miami is the foundation of what it will take to eventually topple the Patriots as the East kingpins. No one is saying “that’s all it takes.” But, clearly you must start with the belief that A. We are as good as the Patriots and then, B. Prepare and play like it on Sundays, especially the two games against them.

It’s also very interesting that Landry points immediately to coach Adam Gase, as to why he believes that the Fins are capable of becoming AFC East champs and beyond. Certainly with him being a first time head coach and the shaky start in 2016, there were doubts about Gase.

But he obviously, he won them over privately in the meeting rooms, the practice field and more importantly, on game days. And in the end, winning nine of 10 games get to 10-5 last December and secure a final playoff spot without having to beat New England in the final game was proof of that.

Again, the next step is beating the Pats, head to head, and in the division race. And no one has done that in about a decade.

Landry believes the Dolphins are ready. Then again, it’s April and talk is abundant, but, still Miami fans have to smile reading one of their stars verbalize: we can and will beat them.