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Who is new Dolphins offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains?

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The Dolphins are, once again “shuffling the deck” to find some answers on offense. And this time. coach Adam Gase has gone to a former coach under him to try to assist.

Word broke Wednesday night that Gase is hiring former Bears offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, for the same position in Miami. Loggains will replace Clyde Christensen, who will apparently be re-assigned on the offensive staff.

The fundamental questions are: exactly who is Loggains and what does his hire represent for the immediate future?

First, Loggains was not only the offensive coordinator and play caller for John Fox with the Bears the last two seasons, he replaced Gase in that role when he became the Fins coach. Loggains was previously the quarterback coach for Gase in Chicago in 2015, when, wait for it…… Jay Cutler was the Bears QB.

Loggains became available Monday when Fox was fired in Chicago.

Prevously, Loggains has been the QB coach of the Browns (we’ll slide right by that) and was also formerly the offensive coordinator and play caller in Tennessee for the Titans in for three seasons 2012-14.

He is a former backup QB at the University of Arkansas in college.

Now onto the second question:

Gase will still call the plays, but it’s believed that his lack of faith in Christensen’s game planning is the big motivation behind this move. It will be interesting, if Christensen, who has a 20+ year NFL career coaching QB’s and being an offensive coordinator previously in Indianapolis and Tampa Bay, will stick around.

The bigger “what if” is what happens now with Jay Cutler?

You don’t have to have a P.H.D to connect the dots that this move is also, in part, to see if Cutler will continue to play in 2018 with now, two guys, that he’s comfortable with from his Bears days.

And what does this mean for Ryan Tannehill, who for the second straight off season is coming off an injured ACL and facing an uncertain status, when training camp begins?

Time will tell, but for now, Adam Gase has the QB and the QB coach, he used to have in Chicago.



  1. Jeff

    January 4, 2018 at 8:26 am

    No way is cutler back retard

  2. FinFan68

    January 3, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    I doubt it has anything at all to do with trying to keep Cutler. IMHO it is simply a weak move. This is typical of Gase concerning his coaching staff. The main attribute these guys seem to have is that they won’t be taking his job if things go sour. Gase needed to hire two competent coordinators to handle day-to-day teaching, instilling proper work habits and basic discipline…while Gase handles the big picture stuff and calls the plays (if he must). An experienced coordinator (even those with HC experience) can make a huge difference in how these players look on the field. Just look at Christensen getting demoted…and then staying on. That just proves there is a lack of ‘fire’ or that the OC position is a bit of a farce. My guess it is a little of both. If he is happy with that move then that is not a guy this fan would be comfortable with trying to motivate and improve the players. I don’t see a need for a system overhaul as was speculated in a different article. The offense clicked when 2 things happened…Gase had the confidence to make aggressive calls and the players actually executed at the same time. Much of the problem with the offense was players constantly screwing up something and then Gase lost confidence and went to basic vanilla stuff hoping they could get that right. Tannehill will help some as will instilling discipline and accountability from the HC down to the practice squad. If somebody keeps screwing up then they don’t start and their play time gets limited. Continue to screw up…healthy scratch. Same goes for poor attitude, being late for meetings or just not doing what they need to be doing. He did a good job last year in changing the culture but something happened and he stopped…or at least let things fester until it was too late. Gase can fix the team but he must fix himself first. Stop being afraid of hiring quality guys with a proven successful track record. The point is to obtain the best staff possible. McVay in LA wasn’t afraid to hire Wade Phillips and Gase shouldn’t be scared to do something similar. That said, I don’t know anything about Loggains other than I’ve never heard of him and he hasn’t been mentioned by any media at all considering the amount of vacancies throughout the league (including the Bears HC opening). He may be a fine coach (I really hope so) but it just seems like a comfort/familiarity move to me. If that is the case then Gase is not as confident as he seems to try to portray.

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