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New Browns WR Landry put teammates on notice in “Hard Knocks” debut

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Up front: how can you not be a fan of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” training camp series?

And the latest installment is following the Cleveland Browns “24/7” for the next few weeks of their camp and pre-sesaon.

Topics like #1 overall pick Baker Mayfield, and embattled head coach Hue Jackson, who’s 1-31 over the last two seasons-yet brought back for 2018, are big story lines.

However, on the opening episode, it’s former Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry who had the most memorable moment of the night.

As we have written, Landry and the Fins got divorced this off season when Miami’s front office and coach Adam Gase decided he wasn’t worth a huge long term contract with his rookie deal expiring. Landry was eventually off-loaded to Cleveland for a third round pick in this past April’s draft and another future pick.

Landry very quickly got the massive deal that Miami wouldn’t give him and that includes $47 million guaranteed.

Clearly, the fifth year receiver out of LSU has a “chip on his shoulder” about the Dolphins not believing enough in him. However, he also clearly entered a toxic situation, where the Browns are perennial losers. And, that losing mentality has taken hold of a lot of things, including preparation during training camp practices.

So, that set the stage for one of the memorable moments in recent years on the HBO/NFL Films show.

Landry had already been featured earlier showing off his individual pass catching skills during a pre-workout routine that most covering or rooting for the Dolphins have seen during practices and pre game warm ups.

Then, came a meeting in the wide receiver’s room. A theme that had developed in the episode was that some Browns players were not practicing as hard as they should, or in some cases, not even at all.

And Landry, as a veteran, who went to the playoffs with the Dolphins in 2016, felt it was time to speak up in the meeting room.

Warning this profanity-laced tirade is NSFW and isn’t for young fans:

It should be pointed out that speeches like this go on all the time in meeting rooms across the NFL.

Whether it’s coaches or players who feel the need to address the team, it’s actually common to have someone “light into” those around them.

And furthermore, the Browns have to have some of this from players that have won elsewhere.

Them setting the standard and then, holding teammates accountable will be an enormous part of a turnaround.

There are some in South Florida who are rooting for Landry and others rooting against him and saying, “you got what you deserved” for wanting to be somewhere else.

Still, he deserves credit for trying to lead. Now, will the Browns receivers toughen up and follow?

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