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Ndamukong Suh’s best move may be to take one year deal

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We don’t know for sure, but it appears that the free agent market for former Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh is simply not there. At least, not a multi-year deal that averages anywhere close to what he was supposed to make in Miami in 2018.

The Dolphins cut him loose on Wednesday to not have to pay him $17 million guaranteed for this season. And although he’s apparently been in talks with the Raiders and the Saints, there has been no huge agreement, yet.

So, what option/leverage suits Suh (and others who have been in his place recently before) the best? Take a one year deal, bet on yourself and that one season, and then, be ready to cash in the following year.

You want some recent examples of how this has worked out?

When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers allowed DE Michael Bennett to walk away in free agency in 2013, he did not receive a tremendous multi-year offer. So what did Bennett end up doing? He signed a one year $4.8 million deal with the Seahawks.

He promptly went out and had an outstanding year, and oh, the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. The real reward? Bennett ended up getting a four year $28.5 million deal that next off season.

The following year, the same Buccaneers did not want to keep DB Darrelle Revis, and elected to release him in March to save his $16 million on the cap. Revis ended up looking around and going to, … the Patriots on a one year deal for $12 million.

The Patriots won the Super Bowl that year, as well.

Then, New England allowed Revis to eventually try free agency, again. And the Jets, gave him a 5 year $70 million dollar contract that had over $40 million in guarantees in it.

See an interesting trend?

Now let’s go to 12 months ago and Bears free agent WR, Alshon Jeffery.

Same situation. Unable to get a long term deal during the initial mayhem that suited him, Jeffery followed the blueprint of Bennett and Revis before him: sign a one year deal with a contending team.

That was the Eagles for $9.5 million.

And, as Philly’s great season took off, they quickly moved to lock up Jeffery late in the year, giving him $52 million for the next four years. And $26.75 million of that is guaranteed.

Again, we don’t know if Suh can get a long term deal with lots of guaranteed moolah. However, if he doesn’t have that deal right now, it likely doesn’t exist.

So, the familiar pattern we’ve laid out appears to be his best option. Find a contending team that wants you for 2018, play your butt off, and cash in later, if you can.

Suh is reportedly talking to the Saints, who are cash strapped for 2018 under the cap. Can he get a long term deal from them?

Suh has made over $100 million in actual dollars off his initial rookie deal with the Lions and the three years on his six year Dolphins deal.

He can take the risk of a one year contract.

And, he may just be ready to get a huge deal, again, in March of 2019.

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