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Minkah Fitzpatrick opens up on being picked by Dolphins

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The Dolphins and new first round draft pick, Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, are getting ready to crank up the beginning of his NFL career.

On Thursday, the Fins website released the latest edition of their podcast “The Audible” with former Dolphins Kim Bokamper, Jon Congemi and Joe Rose that featured a “get to know you” in depth interview with the rookie.

Bokamper conducted the one on one phone interview which covered several subjects.

First, they discussed how Fitzpatrick believes he fits into the Miami secondary: “It really doesn’t matter to me… I talked to the (Miami) coaches and they pretty much gave me the same answer. I said, ‘what position am I going to be playing?’ and they said, ‘Football Player.'”

When asked about being able to cover, including in the slot against receivers running inside routes, Fitzpatrick continued, “The game has changed. You have to able to move around (different positions). Especially, when it comes to covering a team’s best receiver… they usually move around a whole lot.”

Bokamper then asked the rookie about whether playing in so many huge national television regular season and then, college post season games for Alabama has prepared him for the NFL stage: “Being in that spotlight kinda prepared me for the NFL. In the sense of all of the media attention…all the extras that come with it. Alabama is kinda like a professional team….it’s prepared me on the field and off the field.”

Next, on the subject of coach Nick Saban, who Fitzpatrick played for these past few seasons, and also, coincidentally, who coached the Dolphins for two years just prior to joining the Tide, “I appreciate everything coach Saban has done for us, as a team and players. All of us players appreciate him for being so hard on us…it gets us better at the end of the day.”

There is no question about Alabama’s success or Saban’s track record of NFL premium draft picks during his tenure in Tuscaloosa.

A fascinating part of Fitzpatrick’s story/background is that in New Jersey, his family’s home was basically destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, and it displaced them without a home during the time that he was going to a private high school there.

As Fitzpatrick further said on the Dolphins podcast, there was a point with both parents working multiple jobs and him working in addition to school, that he contemplated dropping out of school and giving up football.

However, his family assured him that they could all make it work, together.

And now, his dream of playing in the NFL is about to be realized in South Florida.

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