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Miami Dolphins

Looking more like Baker Mayfield will be gone in top 10 of draft

Florida Football Insiders



Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another day and more reports and speculation about the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft to be held in North Texas, and specifically, about what is a talented quarterback class. This time, it involves the Heisman winning QB from Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield, and his continued momentum towards being an early pick.

The bad news for everyone not holding at least a 10 if not sooner pick in round one? It looks like someone will take him or make a trade with a team who wants to “jump into” a top 10 spot to take Mayfield.

And that would include a team very interested in Mayfield, that sits just outside of that top 10, the Miami Dolphins.

First the latest news and info on the interest/pursuit of Mayfield came from Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko:

As Klemko lays out, there are not only suitors like the Browns (who have the first and the fourth picks), the Giants (#2) and the Jets (#3) who will be meeting at their facility with Mayfield in coming days, but there is also a team name in his story that is very interesting, but doesn’t currently have a top 10 pick.

That team is the Fins AFC East rival, the Buffalo Bills.

Klemko and SI, say that Buffalo meeting with Mayfield upcoming will be at least the fourth time, that they have done so.

Are they just doing diligence and being prepared for all scenarios?

Then again, with having the 12th pick, the 22nd pick, and having stock piled other second and third rounders in previous trade, are the Bills preparing to vault up? One of those trades was dealing their 2017 starter Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland in March.

A source close to the Bills management and their thinking told F.F.I. after Mayfield’s pro day, they are very much going to be a “buyer” and try to trade into the top five. And maybe even, trade to the Giants second spot.

The source telling us, what others already know and can forecast, that Giants new GM Dave Gettleman used to be the Bills GM Brandon Beane’s boss. Therefore, there is great possibility for some kind of deal if Buffalo wants to be aggressive.

Of course, the Giants need a successor to QB Eli Manning too, and most of their fans are poised to riot, if they don’t take a quarterback themselves with that second pick.

And now, back to the Dolphins.

As we have written, they also have met repeatedly with Mayfield, as it’s more likely that he would last out of the top five, if not that top 10 than USC’s Sam Darnold, Wyoming’s Josh Allen or UCLA’s Josh Rosen would.

And, Klemko has the Dolphins listed as one of the teams that will bring Mayfield to their facility soon for yet another interview.

We further know that the Miami has Ryan Tannehill coming of ACL surgery and just signed veteran Brock Osweiler to a one year deal, too. So, they don’t have to have a quarterback at all costs in the first round.

Still, if you really want the Sooners signal caller, and it’s now apparent that someone, including the Bills (whom you will see twice a year) are after him, you have to strongly consider a trade up, yourselves.

The pursuit of Mayfiled is obviously one of the big topics in South Floirda, and the news cycle will only ramp up in the coming days and weeks.




  1. Mary Clapp

    March 30, 2018 at 10:50 am

    I certainly hope that he is gone before we pick. I wouldn’t waste a pick on Faker Mayfield, at pick 211.

  2. Nhfinsfan

    March 31, 2018 at 9:35 am

    No to Mayfield, yes to best available LB at#11, then best available TE in 2nd round. Anything else is sheer stupidity.

    • Mary Clapp

      March 31, 2018 at 9:34 pm

      My thoughts exactly.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins new policy threatens to suspend players for anthem protests

Florida Football Insiders



Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We already know that the NFL has enacted a new national anthem policy being left up to teams to enforce and it has caused controversy. Well, now the Dolphins have taken that to a new level by threatening to suspend players next season for protesting on the field during the anthem.

The story was broken by the Associated Press late Thursday afternoon, where they obtained the new nine-page policy that the Dolphins have set out for their players.

In a section titled “Proper Anthem Conduct,” there is a sentence dealing with anthem protests under a large list of “conduct detrimental to the club” acts.  All of which, could lead to a paid or unpaid suspension or both. This is according to an anonymous team source familiar, who provided the policy to the AP.

The new NFL policy voted in by the owners in May allows teams to discipline players for anthem protesting, while on the field. The policy does allow for players who are objecting to the anthem to remain in the locker room, if they so choose.

The NFL declined comment, when the Associated Press reached them about the leaking of the Dolphins team policy. Dolphins officials also had no comment to the Associated Press on Thursday afternoon

Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills, and former safety Michael Thomas and former tight end Julius Thomas are shown above kneeling during the anthem in a game in November of last season.

Thursday’s leaking of the policy is the latest in the national anthem Saga for Miami, where owner Stephen Ross defended players protesting the anthem, previously.

However, earlier this year, Ross made comments at a New York event where he was being honored, suggesting he wanted the anthem protests to be over with, and even hinted then that there could be punishment down the road.

Ross quickly backpedaled and clarified those comments the next day after a firestorm of controversy that started.

ESPN NFL reporter Jeff Darlington, who is formerly a Dolphins media member, reported Thursday evening that the policy submitted to the league and to be given to the players isn’t a “this for that” definite suspension threat:

However, the Fins clearly have anthem protests spelled out as a punishable offense, according the AP, which has seen it.

The interesting dynamic is that the teams themselves are being left to impose penalties, as they see fit and not the league doing so with a black and white policy that lays out specific punishment.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins cornerstone player for 2018?

Florida Football Insiders



Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a pivotal year for the Dolphins, their head coach Adam Gase, their front office of Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier, and most importantly, QB Ryan Tannehill.

Miami is certainly taking a risk bringing back Tannehill off of missing all of 2017 with re-injury to his ACL. A risk, because they didn’t elect to make a play for a “quarterback of the future” in this year’s draft. This despite flirting heavily with the likes of Baker Mayfiled, and a player like Lamar Jackson being readily available for them, when they drafted at #11.

And, the Fins dealt away Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry for not much in return, because they didn’t want to pay him huge dollars. And then, with getting rid of fellow Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh to save on the salary cap, the clear star or leader remaining is Tannehill.

And Tannenbaum, Grier and Gase are banking that he will be back to his 2016 pre-injury play of 2016 that put the Dolphins in position to make the playoffs.

Gase has made it no secret that they have made their decision and have built around Tannehill. As we wrote about early last month, the third year coach has repeatedly backed his QB, who’s about to play for his sixth season. Gase saying to’s Albert Breer last month:

“Just being around him (Tannehill), this being my third year, the guy competes as hard as anyone I’ve been around, especially at that position. And it’s a good feeling as a coach when we’ve got him back out there.”

And they hope to have at the level where he was, when he injured the knee in the week 14 home game with Arizona two years ago. Through 13 games, he had his highest completion percentage (67.5%), yards per attempt (7.7) and quarterback rating (93.5).

There are new veteran faces on offense like RB Frank Gore, and WR Danny Amendola, who both have years of winning and post season experience to bring to the huddle.

Still, in most NFL locker rooms, the QB is the “face of the franchise,” the leader and the one most scrutinized.

And Ryan Tannehill will be that for this fall.

He’s the foundation, for at least the start of this year, that Miami will try to build their fortunes.

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Miami Dolphins

Dolphins moving eventually to new facility near Hard Rock Stadium?

Florida Football Insiders



Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not as earth shattering as a huge free agent signing or hosting a playoff game, but the fact that the Dolphins are close to moving locations from their current training complex in Davie to a more convenient one next to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens is a big deal.

The Miami Herald had the  details on Saturday:

From the Herald’s item, there is definitely some competitive interest in luring the Dolphins away:

Miami Gardens might defray the cost of security in and around Hard Rock Stadium to help seal the deal, and Miami-Dade County could amend the existing stadium renovation agreement that pays the Dolphins a bonus for hosting major events.

“Twenty-five years ago, the Dolphins moved their football headquarters from North Dade to Davie, and I’ve wanted them back ever since,” Miami Dade Commissioner Barbara Jordan said. “When I heard Mr. Ross was considering a new $50 million practice facility in Broward, I knew we had to have a conversation about bringing this massive private investment to Miami-Dade. To me, it’s a perfect fit for our community and will bring a lot of economic activity to Miami-Dade.”

Added Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert: “From Top Golf to the Super Bowl, Miami Gardens has become a destination for world-class entertainment, and venues that attract visitors on a consistent basis are a critical component of economic development. Between the Miami Open and Miami Dolphins training camp, we can generate $100 million-plus in privately funded construction, hundreds of good-paying jobs, a significant boost to our tax base and new opportunities for residents to live, work and play. It would be great to bring the Miami Dolphins training facility back home to the 305.”

So, clearly there’s some “wooing” going on, and if Fins owner Stephen Ross is going to privately fund the new facility to the tune of at least $50 and maybe as high as, $75 million, then there is ample reason to try to lure them. Ross has already put over $500 million of his own money into a three year renovation of Hard Rock Stadium.

The Dolphins training adjacent to the stadium where they play or in the same complex area, is not uncommon. In the cases of Florida’s other two NFL teams: the Jaguars train adjacent to TIAA Bank Field, and the Bucs complex is across the street from Raymond James Stadium.

And, there are other examples of the Bengals, the Texans, and the Patriots who train either next to or in the same complex as where they play on Sundays.

The reality is that the new facility will not be ready for at least another two seasons, no matter where it’s located. Still, the convenience and new design will also be an asset for the Dolphins to attract players, too.

Now it’s up to the franchise to decide where and how soon, they want to build.

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