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Josh Rosen not hearing from Cardinals GM not uncommon

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On Tuesday afternoon, after his first workout in Dolphins OTAs, new quarterback Josh Rosen took to the national airwaves to discuss, once more, his departure from Arizona.

As you are probably aware, after drafting him in the first round in 2018 and an awful season all the way around, the Cardinals elected to draft Oklahoma Heisman winning quarterback Kyler Murray with the first overall pick last month. This basically signaled that Rosen would depart the desert somehow, someway. Subsequently, the Cardinals and Dolphins reached an agreement on night two of the draft to send the former UCLA quarterback to South Florida.

Well, on Tuesday’s edition of the Rich Eisen show simulcast on DirecTV and the radio, Rosen gave a wide-ranging interview about getting acclimated to his Dolphins teammates and new surroundings, but also took a “slight jab” at Cardinals GM Steve Keim:

“The only thing that did kind of truly frustrate me through this whole process is, like I still haven’t heard from my old GM. Didn’t talk to him for months before still haven’t talked to him months after,” Rosen told Eisen. “That was kind of frustrating, but for the most part I’m just ready to put that whole chapter behind me.”

While all of that frustration is understandable and we have written previously, that Rosen did the smart thing and take the high road most of the time through all of this, it should be pointed out: that it’s not uncommon that general managers don’t communicate directly with players that they’re getting rid of.

In fact, numerous times every March free agency period, teams will be releasing players for various reasons and in a lot of cases, those players have been long-standing stars with that team.  Yet, the GM won’t necessarily speak directly to them about the move (usually their release) being made. Rather, they will communicate through the player’s agent on what’s about to happen.

Certainly, that is not always the case and those GM’s with the most integrity would usually directly contact a valuable player who had been with their team for significant out of time. Now, that’s not Rosen, in this case, as he was only in Arizona one year.

Still, Keim drafted Rosen, and even traded up to do so, yet didn’t want to clue him in to what they were thinking/doing.

Again though, in fairness, the Cardinals were probably trying not to tip their hand that they were going to actually draft Murry and may or may not, keep Rosen. So, better than continuing ongoing conversation with Rosen and or his agent, during this process, they elected instead to go “radio silent” instead.

Finally, in this case, it works out great for Rosen that he’s been traded to a new situation, where clearly, if he performs well during training camp and the preseason, he will be the guy that the Dolphins will go to if not at the very beginning, very soon in the 2019 season.

And his ultimate “revenge” and proving of his value, will be his play on the field. Not, whether the public agrees with Rosen on how the Cardinals should have handled getting rid of him.

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