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Jets emerge as latest suitor for former Dolphin Suh?

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With free agency a week and a half old, the “prize” name that is still out there if former Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh. Since being released by Miami just before the mayhem began, Suh has visited with the Titans, Saints and Rams.

As we wrote earlier, his best move at this late stage might be to take a one year deal with a contending team and play his way to a larger contract next off season.

Then, on Friday, a report surfaced that a new team, a Dolphins division rival, has apparently entered the negotiations:

The Jets are not only an intriguing option because they would play Miami twice every season, but because it’s the #1 media market with endorsement opportunity galore. And, New York also has $37.9 million under the cap, as of Friday night, which is fifth most remaining room of all teams.

Interestingly, just like Allen Hurns earlier this week having not been able to travel to New York due to the latest snowstorm (Hurns agreed with Dallas Friday), Suh has not actually visited the Jets, yet.

Suh was supposedly going to visit the Raiders, as well, but that apparently, did not happen, yet, either.

In fact, Schultz further updates Suh’s whereabouts on Friday night:

We at F.F.I. wonder at what point that New England will potentially enter the fray and make a play for Suh. However, Suh would likely have to do what others have done in the past and take less, and maybe a only a one year deal to play for the Pats.

They currently are around $9 million under cap, which isn’t much.

But, they are the most successful organization in the NFL for this century, and Suh might be willing to take less.

Then again, the Jets may be offering significant guarantees and signing bonus, too.

Now, we wait to see what the hulking former Pro Bowler wants to do, including, perhaps, taking more visits.

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