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Jay Cutler wants to return or playing role on “reality” TV show?

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When last we saw/heard from quarterback Jay Cutler, he and his Miami Dolphins teammates had lost the season finale’ at home to the Bills (which helped Buffalo make the playoffs) and closed out with a 6-10 record for 2017,

Cutler had come to the Dolphins at “the eleventh hour” last August after QB Ryan Tannehill re-injured his ACL during a training camp practice and would be lost for the season. Cutler’s intention had been to not only be retired after 11 seasons in Denver and Chicago, but he had already landed a role as a game analyst for “the NFL on FOX.”

However, his prior relationship with Fins coach Adam Gase and his offense, plus, Miami’s sudden need, made him a good emergency alternative.

Fast forward to this summer and Cutler is apparently letting on that he isn’t retired, and he would entertain interest from teams in emergency need.

Cutler and his wife Kristin Cavallari are part of a new “reality” television show from “E” Entertainment Television cable channel called “Very Cavallari.”

The debut episode aired Sunday night and in it the discussion about Jay continuing to play football still.

The exchange about Cutler returning to the NFL this year went like this:

“So you think that you’re 100 percent done with football?” Kristin presses. “I mean, I can’t say 100,” Jay says. “When will you know if you’re 100 percent?” Kristin inquires. “September,” Jay jokes. “Yeah, like the first football game,” Kristin snaps back.

Whether he’s done or not, Kristin makes it clear to her husband that it’s her turn to get on the field.

“You have to realize how many sacrifices I have had to make over eight football seasons that we’ve been together,” Kristin insists. “So now, you need to support what I have going on. This is my football, this is my turn.”

Now, obviously, it’s a new cable show and one of the staples of these types of shows is for the subjects: families, husbands and wives, kids, etc. to basically tell the producers what they intend to discuss and almost rehearse it for them before the cameras roll.

Clearly, Cavallari and Cutler won’t be winning any Emmy Awards, as that scene looked as bad/staged, as Cutler’s QB play at times last season.

And yes, the producers, “E,” and everyone publicizing the show wants it talked about and written about.

We at F.F.I. are obviously catering to that, right now, with this item.

However, a source at Fox Sports told us earlier this summer that Cutler made it clear to them this off season that he was working out and waiting for possible call to come play football. And at this time, he’s not interested in broadcasting.

So, was it just a contrived bit to get attention for a new show?

Or does Jay Cutler really think that he can still play and someone will call?

He’ll get back to us right after he races all the mom’s to be #1 in school car pickup line.

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