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Is Jay Cutler the most overrated QB in NFL History?

Ari Russell



(USA Today - Mark Konezny)

If you here looking for a puff piece on the Miami Dolphins starting QB I would suggest you click away right now. In a spot where the team desperately needed at least a decent performance from Jay Cutler to keep their playoff hopes alive, they received what the Broncos and Bears had received when Cutler was QB in those places. We need to make “Cutler” the antonym for the work “cltuch.”

Earlier in the week I wrote how important it was for Cutler to have a huge game to at least remove some of this criticism he has received over the years.

The Dolphins will need the Jay Cutler that threw three TDs in the impressive win over the Patriots last weekend and not the one who threw three INTs a few weeks ago against the Bucs in a loss.

If the Dolphins somehow make the playoffs it will be because Jay Cutler stepped up. If he steps up he could erase some of the criticism he has received for not being a clutch QB. Dolphins fans you still have your squad in the mix for the playoffs. Win out and there’s a chance you guys are in. You just need your QB to make a few plays.

On Sunday Cutler threw 28/48 274 yards O TDs and 3 INTs against the Bills . I highlighted the last two because this is exactly what the Dolphins didn’t want to get performance wise from their QB. Already facing a 21-6 half time deficit, which was more on the defense than anything, Cutler would throw picks on the Dolphins first two possessions in the second half, pretty much all but mortally wounding Miami’s chances. Keep in mind this was a road game in December in Buffalo. You simply have to take advantage of these key possessions and Cutler wasn’t able to come up with a play.

It didn’t end their as the Dolphins would stage a 4th quarter comeback and yes it these spaces Cutler was looking pretty good. They would make it a one possession game making it 24-16 late in the 4th. The Dolphins would indeed recover an onside kick to at least have a chance to tie the contest. But guess what happened this time? You guess it, Cutler threw a pick. Surprise!

If I had a dollar every time Cutler was in position to make a play but didn’t I could probably retire right now. Okay that’s hyperbole, but you get the point. I believe Jay Cutler is the most overrated QB in NFL History. I have yet to see Cutler really win any huge game. Now he’s been on playoff teams before, but when he gets there he doesn’t light up the world. I don’t have the time nor inclination to study the intensive stats regarding clutch moments and what other QBs he’s stacked up against at least in a negative light.

The Dolphins had some options when Ryan Tannehill went down and they chose a guy who had retired from football at the end of last season because he knew head coach Adam Gase’s system. Now the Dolphins could have had another QB of a kneeling variety, but just like the rest of the cowardly teams they passed on that certain QB. So they went with Cutler and boy did they get everything Cutler brings to the table. He’ll make you feel great in spaces where as a fan you have to be getting excited. His performance against the Patriots this past Monday night was one of those moments. But it feels like he has those moments only to deflate your hopes.

Can’t imagine what fantasy football owners who picked up Cutler as a streaming QB and are in their playoffs at the moment how they feel about him. Sure it wasn’t as bad as Dolphins fans feel, or perhaps was because it’s going to cost you some good potential coin. Either way there is no other way to describe Cutler other than being overrated. He has a tremendous amount of skill and shows flashes of brilliance. But at the end of the day he’s never going to take you to the promised land. Folks in Denver and Chicago know exactly what I’m taking about.

Born in the Nation’s Capital, Washington D.C., Ari Russell watched the rise of the 1980’s Miami Hurricanes and knew that he had to be part of the “U” someday. After graduating from Coral Gables, Ari rose through the ranks of the former XM Satellite Radio and then Sirius/XM as college football executive producer. He later spent 2 seasons as the publisher of the website “Beyond U Sports” focusing on major college football/basketball. Ari brings a great perspective on everything Miami, including the Dolphins to F.F.I.

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