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Jarvis Landry uses free agent uncertainty to boost public image

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Having been given freedom by the Dolphins earlier this week to seek out a possible trade to another team, WR Jarvis Landry has continued to score points with the public and more importantly, Dolphins fans.

As we continue to point out, Landry has been given the Franchise Tag designation and therefore, all the leverage by Miami and can sign that to make $16 million staying in South Florida in 2018. So, in the short term, he’s really in a “no lose” situation.

Give Landry and his advisors/agent credit, they have smartly handled the situation by not bad mouthing the Fins and by continuing to use the perception by Miami or any other organization that he’s not a deep threat, game breaker, special player, to their advantage.

The latest example was late Friday night, when the fourth year receiver out of LSU and his team released a self-produced video mini-documentary montage’ of Landry working hard and ready to silence his critics. Take a look:

The 1:53 video is a cross between a Nike commercial and a segment from HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” It’s really compelling, positive stuff for his side. And, it sends a clear message, “I am working hard/ready for the next chapter. Get ready for me.”

If you are wondering if things like this have an effect on fans and public perception? Consider, that the video had been looked at almost 250,000 times on Twitter by Saturday morning. It has dozens and dozens and dozens of Twitter comments to the video. 90% of which, are Dolphins fans wanting him to stay.

Again, perception is often bigger than reality.

While salary cap constrained, Miami traded Friday night for a 28 year old defensive end, who’s scheduled to make $11 million dollars this year, in Robert Quinn.

The majority of the fans reaction, we’ve seen is: why? And, also, is this going to hamper keeping #80?

As far as what the public thinks right now? Most that you hear on South Florida Sportsradio, and read on the internet, believe the Dolphins are botching this whole situation and they don’t want to lose Landry.

The video is playing effectively to that sentiment.

It’s already accomplished it’s goal.

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