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Is Patriots assistant Brian Flores who Dolphins are waiting on?

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The sun came up Tuesday Morning and the Miami Dolphins were,  just like seven other teams not named the Green Bay Packers, still looking for a head coach.

The most important question being bandied about on South Florida Sports Radio, social media, and elsewhere is: what are the Dolphins waiting on?

Or, maybe more specifically, whom are they waiting on to be there next head coach?

We are aware, because the Dolphins have publicized it, that they have already talked with coordinators like Eric Bieniemy of the Chiefs, Brian Flores of the Patriots and Chris Richard of the Cowboys.

And we also wrote yesterday, Stephen Ross maybe trying to facilitate a trade with the Ravens for their head coach John Harbaugh, as we speak. Further, Miami does intend to talk to their own special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi about possibly promoting him to being Miami’s next head coach.

So which direction are they headed?

While we can’t know for sure, the fact that Miami has not hired anyone coming off the first playoff weekend means that they are willing to wait this time in the process. Unlike the hiring of Adam Gase three years ago, which they did in the first week after the end of the regular season, it appears Ross is willing to let things play out for a little while.

And, that could eventually lead back to Brian Flores.

Flores is a thirty-seven-year-old energetic defensive coach, who has been studying under arguably the greatest coach in the modern era of football in Bill Belichick for 11 seasons. The Patriots have done nothing but win for almost 20 years and counting. And when former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia left to take the Lions coaching job, Belichick had Flores call his defense this season.

So, if you’re not going to go with a proven NFL name, including possibly trading compensation picks for John Harbaugh, then Flores would be the guy you are likely waiting on.

Waiting, because his team will be playing the L.A. Chargers on Sunday and until they are eliminated, he cannot become your head coach.

This is because of what offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels did to the Indianapolis Colts during this same scenario last January. McDaniels took the Colts job while the Patriots were still playing in the playoffs, and then later completely abandoned them and elected to stay in New England. And, every other team now has to be wary, when trying to hire a Patriots coach.

Another important point is: Flores knows the AFC East, knows New England inside and out and it would not be the worst thing in the world to bring that winning attitude and insight into the Dolphins locker room.

And who’s to say that you might not be interested in keeping Rizzi on his staff in his current role, and then Miami gets the benefit of both coaches being there together.

All of this is predicated on Ross not wanting and making a splash hire in the meantime before New England is eliminated.

However, as each day goes by this week, it’s obvious they’re waiting for someone, and it may be for the Patriots to lose and then get a deal done with Flores

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