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Is Bret Bielema coming to Dolphins or now staying in New England?

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The New England Patriots touched down in Atlanta on Sunday night preparing for Super Bowl 53. And, there continues to be a behind-the-scenes shuffling about which coaches will be staying and whom will be leaving after the game has been played Sunday night against the L.A. Rams.

We already know that the Dolphins have apparently agreed to hire defensive assistant Brian Flores to take over as their new head coach. However, NFL rules still currently forbid teams from officially hiring coaches that are still coaching in the postseason.

That applies to Flores and anyone else associated with the Patriots or with the Rams.

However, the Fins met with Flores for a second formal face-to-face last Wednesday, and all signs are pointing to him taking the job after the big game is played Sunday.

An intriguing part of his hire is what coach or coaches might Flores be trying to bring with him from New England?

We wrote previously about current Patriots “defensive consultant” Bret Bielema and whether the former Arkansas and Wisconsin college head coach would be coming with Flores to South Florida?

Now, another report Sunday in Boston says it may not be the case, because Bielema may be offered Flores’ old his job as the defensive play caller.

While New England usually remains tight-lipped about staffing plans, Ben Volin, who’s an NFL and Patriots insider for the Globe, indicated that Bielema is telling others that he’s sticking around to take over that role as opposed to heading to Miami.

And, we already owe from numerous media reports that Flores apparently has offered the defensive coordinator position for Miami to Packers assistant Patrick Graham.

Again, none of this can be made official because the Patriots are still playing.

A further complication is that former Buccaneers and Rutgers coach Greg Schiano, who was recently let go as the defensive coordinator at Ohio State after three seasons, was at the Senior Bowl last week in Mobile, Alabama. And, he was apparently leaking to media members that he’s going to be part of the Patriots staff in some role. And there were further reports that Schiano is trying to angle to be defensive coordinator.

Still, as Volin indicated in his story, that’s not the “Patriots Way.” Rather, they usually promote from within for their coordinator positions (like with Flores and Matt Patricia before him). And, someone coming from the outside would coach on the staff for at least a year or two, before getting a shot to call plays on either side of the ball.

So the mystery continues about: who’s coming with Flores and who’s staying in New England?

This is especially intriguing, as obviously the Dolphins and the Patriots play each as AFC East division rivals twice every year.

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