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Hype on draft status of QB Kyler Murray intensified Monday

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The hype around Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Kyler Murray has intensified. This after he announced his intention on Monday to forgo spring training and guaranteed money from the Oakland A’s in Major League Baseball and will instead Focus solely on being taken in the first round of the NFL draft in April.

Here was Murray’s announcement on social media making it official, for now that he’s not playing baseball:

Of course the reason we phrased official for now, is that Murray could always use the leverage of going back to the Oakland A’s later this spring or summer, particularly if he’s unhappy with where he was drafted in the NFL.

Currently, Murray has to repay the remaining portion of the $4 million dollar signing bonus that the A’s have already given him. And, then he has to do his best to convince NFL scouts personnel and front office people that he can overcome what is an obvious size disadvantage for him to play at the next level.

Despite all the college success, Murray is not even 5’10 and is just shy of 190 lbs. Those are not 2019 NFL numbers for a quarterback.

And while there are lots of comparisons to his former teammate the previous year, Baker Mayfield, who won the Heisman Trophy and was taken number one overall by the Cleveland Browns, Mayfield is at least two and a half inch or more taller than Marie and at least 20 lb thicker. And yet he is also considered undersized by NFL standards, where the average Quarterback is at least six 3 and at least 225 lb.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald wrote Monday that the Dolphins should be very interested in Murray as they pick 13th overall. And, it appears with a new coaching staff, they are going to move on from Ryan Tannehill.

However, as the groundswell of positive projection, and almost fantasy, continues to build around what success Murray might be able to have in the NFL, you could easily see him being picked in the top 10 by numerous teams who will be interested in a quarterback.

Those include the Arizona Cardinals, who are picking first and just hired former Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury to be their new head coach. Kingsbury is very fond of Murray and obviously, tutored Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, while they were with the Red Raiders.

Arizona did UCLA’s QB Josh Rosen at number 10 a year ago, but after a dismal 2018 season, the belief is: they could spin him off in a trade for a premium draft pick to another team in need of a quarterback.

The New York Giants at #6 overall need an “heir apparent” to Eli Manning and it’s believed that they will be constantly reviewing and debating whether or not to take Murray, if he would still be there and or Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, if he’s still there.

Clearly, the Jaguars are in need of a young quarterback too, as Blake Bortles is on the way out in North Florida. The Jags are picking 7th overall right behind the Giants and may be very interested in taking either Haskins or Murray, if one of them is sitting there at their pick.

The Jaguars have passed over Deshaun Watson and Mahomes two years ago, and looked right at Louisville’s Lamar Jackson at the end of the first round last year and passed, too.

Next, it would be hard to fathom that the Denver Broncos at #10 would also have an opportunity to take Kyler Murray, but clearly they need a quarterback of the future also. And might be interested.

So, all of that above means: short of trading up significantly in the first round, the Dolphins at 13th have little to no chance to get their hands on Murray come opening draft night at late April.

Again, we at F.F.I., aren’t sold that Murray is big enough in the first place to be quarterbacking in the NFL.

And there are plenty of examples, including former Heisman winners Doug Flutie in the 80s and more recently, Troy Smith in the 2000s that could not overcome similar-sized deficiency as Murray has and play at the highest level.  That bolsters our point.

Yet, you get the feeling that an NFL team or two, or maybe more, is going to be hot after the Sooners star and try to grab him early.

So, if the Dolphins truly are interested, they better be ready to part with significant draft picks or some combination of pick and player that other teams might be interested in to move themselves up.

The next significant step in this process will likely be Murray  working out in a March “Pro Day” in Norman, Oklahoma, for NFL personnel evaluators.

Then, the fuse will be lit even more on his possible high draft selection.

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