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How Jarvis Landry still has the leverage in negotiations with Dolphins

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16 days after Miami immediately placed the Franchise Tag on stud receiver Jarvis Landry, his position from a negotiating stand point has only strengthened.

After meeting with Landry’s side at the NFL Scouting Combine last Wednesday, the Dolphins gave him permission to seek a possible trade and a long term deal from his new team. There was quickly a rumor of trade to the Bears involving their young RB Jordan Howard, but that looked and smelled more like Miami wishfully trying to convince everyone that Landry should go to Chicago. It was quickly dismissed by national NFL insiders, as being conjecture, etc.

As we have written for these last two weeks, Landry is in control of whom he would accept a trade to, and whether he would agree to a long term deal with them. And, it’s a virtual lock that no team is going to trade for him without a long term agreement and knowing guaranteed money, length, etc., as part of the trade.

Advantage, Landry.

Further, because the Dolphins did not put a Transition Tag on Landry, which would have given them at least one #1 draft pick and perhaps more, depending on the size and amount of the contract offer, they’ve given Landry the advantage of “formally saying yes” to the Franchise Tag and getting $16 million to play this year in Miami.

And then, be a free agent again, 12 months from now.

Big advantage Landry.

Oh, and about that “formally saying yes” part? According to this post by Pro Football Talk, Landry has done that and he doesn’t need to physically sign the tender offer. He’s agreed. And, as they laid out, that takes away any leverage Miami might have wanted to use of taking the franchise offer away later, if Landry wouldn’t agree to a trade the Fins like, or a long term deal that they find reasonable to keep him.

Then. you have this item from the Miami Herald, that the Dolphins are likely going to have to get Ndamukong Suh to agree to restructure his deal, where he’s owed $26.1 million or may face outright releasing the veteran Pro Bowl defensive tackle.

The timeline is escalated by Miami owing Suh $8.5 million of his $17 million guarantee on March 19th. So something has to happen soon or next week with that.

It’s further complicated by Landry being owed, for now, $16 million, for this season by Miami.

UPDATE: Thursday late morning, it was confirmed by Adam Schefter of ESPN that Landry went ahead, in fact and signed the Franchise tender:

The Dolphins have high motivation to either still work out a deal with Jarvis Landry or get him to agree to take a trade to a team he wants, with an extension he likes.

However, Landry can simply sit tight and get paid one of the highest 2018 salaries of any receiver in the league in 2018.

For now, everything remains in his favor.

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