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Forget OBJ, Dolphins and others should be worried Patriots targeting top QB

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Draft day is now three weeks away, and teams continue to wheel and deal players and picks. This includes, the Rams making their latest trade of the off season (five total now) and acquiring WR Brandin Cooks from the Patriots in exchange for their number one pick this year.

That pick is the 23rd in the first round, and with New England already owning their 31st selection, plus, the 43rd pick from the 49ers (Jimmy Garappolo trade) and their own 63rd pick, it means the Pats now have a bounty of selections this year.

It also means, that they are inclined to move up once things get rolling at “Jerry’s World” in Arlington, TX on April 26th.

There is some belief that New England is targeting Giants WR Odell Beckham, Jr., as apparently, the Giants have made it well known Beckham is on the block. The further speculation is New York would want at least two #1’s in exchange for OBJ.

Something that the Pats now have this year.

However, unlike most theories being advanced right now, we at F.F.I. use deduction and educated speculation, and don’t think Bill Belichick and his staff value wide receivers enough to make that kind of trade.

Instead, and this is where the Dolphins and everyone else at the top of the draft better be on alert, the Patriots may be ready to use those picks to go get one of the top QB’s.

Now, outlets like the Washington Post wrote about this, too, but they dismissed it with “don’t bet on it.”

We are “betting” that the Patriots are considering it, strongly.

It obvious that at some point, you have to have a long term successor ready to replace first ballot unanimous Hall of Famer Tom Brady, who will be 41 years old later this season. And, many believed that’s what Garappolo was being groomed for until New England dealt him to San Francisco.

They have had others like Jacoby Brisset, Ryan Mallet, and Brian Hoyer (twice) etc. to backup Brady in recent years, but none of them felt like a guy that would be long term.

So, now we are back to what is a tremendous top heavy talented QB class for the 2018 NFL Draft.

We know that New England has kept their offensive architect and QB coach, Josh McDaniels after McDaniels embarrassed himself and the Colts by agreeing to take their job for over two weeks, and then backing out on them after Superbowl 52.

So, with McDaniels still in place, it would seem very logical that you would want to identify whom that Brady successor is and make your move to get him.

Our belief is that Josh Rosen of UCLA (above) fits their mold and criteria the best.

He’s a California kid (just like the guy who’s won them 5 Superbowls), and unlike some others, he’s a pure pocket passer out of a pro-style offense with the Bruins. The knock on a lot of recent QB prospects is that playing out the shotgun/spread offense with a limited play book, isn’t readying them for NFL football.

Rosen has been tabbed as an NFL prospect, since his sophomore year in high school, when it was obvious that he was very advanced in QB skill and development. Rosen next showed up at UCLA and was wowing NFL scouts and personnel executives, by winning games, as an 18 year old freshman.

He’s seems like he’d be perfect to be brought in, and learn from McDaniels and Brady, and await the opportunity in two-three years to be “the guy.”

Now, is this the only guy the Pats are considering, QB or otherwise? Of course, not.

However, the Fins at #11 and teams like the Bills and Cardinals, etc. behind them are looking for solutions at QB, too.

And they should be concerned, that the Patriots may get in front of them to grab Rosen or one of the other pocket passers before they can.

You’ve been warned.

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