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Don’t buy “Pro Bowl could’ve been Jarvis Landry’s last game as Dolphin” hype

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The players were still trying to get to shelter after playing the last three quarters of Sunday’s Pro Bowl in the rain in Orlando, as the narrative turned to the next page.

“Was this Jarvis Landry’s last ‘game’ (it was the Pro Bowl) with a Dolphin logo-ed helmet?”

Yep. The internet can’t resist. Don’t believe us?

And also,

For us at F.F.I., it’s just not complicated.

Don’t buy into into “the hype.”

Jarvis Landry, isn’t going anywhere.

The most productive, explosive player that the Dolphins have on their roster. A franchise WR, who thousands, if not tens of thousands, flock to Hard Rock Stadium and to their tv screens to watch, isn’t just going to be allowed to walk out the door.

We wrote this earlier in the season and stand by, it. He’s too valuable and the Dolphins aren’t dumb enough to let him walk away with getting nothing in return.

Yes, coach Adam Gase plus Mike Tannenbaum and Chris Grier in the front office haven’t publicly gushed over how much they need or even want Landry for the long term future, but that’s more about negotiation.

This is especially considering, that they are contemplating making a $50-$75 million commitment to the player who’s caught more passes than any player in NFL history his first four seasons.

You wouldn’t expect them to repeatedly compliment him and discuss publicly how they can’t live without him.

As for Landry, he said the right things about wanting to stay in Miami, this week at the Pro Bowl, too. That’s playing the good strategy of keeping the fan base on your side against the team.

However, the Dolphins hold all of the cards to keep Landry, too. That is to say:

They can exclusively negotiate a long term deal with him all the way up until the beginning of Free Agency. They can also put the “Franchise Tag” on him guaranteeing him the average of the top five receivers at his position.

And, the Fins still control the “Transition Tag,”  which would guarantee at least a #1 pick and probably more in return, depending on the offer from another team. And, the Fins could and would almost be forced to, match that other team’s offer.

So, the Pro Bowl has come and gone. A “game” (we can’t write it without qualifying) where Landry caught five passes for 79 yards, including the game’s longest play of 49 yards.

And no, while it is a hot topic, it’s not the last time he’ll have a Dolphin on his uni or helmet.

Not a chance.

The franchise has everything to lose.

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