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Dolphins trading down?

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On the eve of the 2018 NFL draft beginning, there are many different trade rumors floating and flying all over the place. Who’s trying to improve their position, especially, if they can get into the top ten or better?

And while the Miami Dolphins have been expected to at least test the waters on one of those possible trade ups, a new scenario kicking around Wednesday evening is that Miami may look to actually move down from the 11th overall spot.

Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, who is stationed in Miami for draft coverage tomorrow night relayed in a report such a possibility:

It’s been rather apparent that the Dolphins are interested in one of the premier quarterbacks, but that group of four may all be taken before they pick at number 11 Thursday.

We wrote previously about the possibility of Miami selecting Louisville’s Lamar Jackson at 11 or even perhaps, a little later in the first round after a trade down.

It’s also being reported Wednesday night that the Green Bay Packers want to move up from the 14th spot and may be potentially interested in a quarterback of the future that would replace Aaron Rodgers down the road.

Again, you will hear all kinds of crazy trade talk and rumors about who wants to move up for whom, until it begins for real at 8 p.m. Eastern Thursday.

Still to us at F.F.I., it would have to be something significant to make the Dolphins move back more than a couple of spots, once everything gets rolling. Like, Miami should not only demand a number one, but also another selection with it.

Again, anything can happen, especially once a team is on the clock, but don’t look for V.P. of football Mike Tannenbaum and GM Chris Grier to be too eager to move out of 11 vs. taking a player they want in that position.

There will be plenty to choose from at the 11th spot like a second running back behind Saquon Barkley, a linebacker like Tremaine Edmunds, and so, on. That seems better than moving back.

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