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Dolphins Tannehill already mentoring rookie TE Mike Gesicki on routes

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Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that is already apparent with Ryan Tannehill completing his comeback from ACL surgery is that he is willing to do everything to make his teammates, and offense as a whole, better.

As part of that, Tannehill took to helping Penn State rookie tight end Mike Gesicki with his route running as part of the passing game design. Observe that here:

On Tuesday, after the Fins finished day one of their mandatory mini-camp, Tannehill was asked by the media to elaborate on why he felt it was important to personally get involved with helping Gesicki or others with details like this.

First, Tannehill was a former receiver at one point in his college career before becoming a star QB. So, he can relate:

“I was no where near the route runner these guys are…I can’t say that I can do it any better, but I have been in there shoes, so to speak. Feeling out at practices. Feeling how the heat affects you throughout a practice…. As far as ‘coaching guys up’ on what I’m expecting in routes, I think when you get in a first year in an offense it’s a little tougher.” Tannehill continued, “You’re learning the offense yourself. You’re learning what the coach wants. How you see it. How that blends together. And then, as you move to year two-year three, you can really take ownership of it (the details). You can be like, ‘Okay. this is what I want. This is where I need to be (route position) at this time.”

We have already relayed that Gesicki has a spectacular skill set of size, but also leaping ability that includes being a high school dunk champion in basketball and a state volleyball championship star, too.

Now, comes the harder part: being up against equally as athletic talented opponents across from you every week. And details on exact routes and timing often make the difference in who’s consistently open and having success, and who isn’t.

Tannehill knows that and he sees what a weapon Gesicki can be, especially if he’s in the right place in the design of the pass plays most of the time.

Putting in the work now, and in training camp will only help that.

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