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Dolphins swung and missed in attempt to get their QB Thursday night

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In the end, the Miami Dolphins did end up with a solid selection with Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick Thursday night. However, make no mistake, they were trying to get their hands on one of the two remaining quarterbacks in the top 10 of the NFL draft. And it did not happen for them, when it did for two others, including an AFC East rival.

Not surprisingly, there was a frenzy of activity on the phones, once the Cleveland Browns took Ohio State defensive back Denzel Ward with the fourth pick and the Denver Broncos at five did not trade either. And, instead, they went ahead and took Bradley Chubb, defensive end from NC State.

At that point, everyone looking strongly at a quarterback, and the Dolphins were clearly one of those teams, knew what the Colts were not going to do, next. That was, take a quarterback.

Indianapolis has Andrew Luck, who is coming off of shoulder surgery that robbed him of the entire 2017 season, but they still believe in him. Interestingly, whether there was a great offer or not on the table, the Colts also chose to pick a non-QB in Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson.

So now the question became, who could make a trade either with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 7th pick or maybe someone just after them on the board to try to grab either QB’s Josh Allen of Wyoming or Josh Rosen of UCLA?

A source familiar with what went on last night in the Dolphins war room says to F.F.I. that they were trying on the phones, but either didn’t have the ammo Buffalo did (a second #1 pick this year) or couldn’t get someone to agree (like the Raiders did, eventually) to trade with them.

So, in the end the Dolphins watched their AFC East rival, the Bills end up succeeding, as they gave up two of their of their second round picks, to move up five spots with the Bucs, and draft Allen.

And with Josh Rosen still sitting there, the Dolphins watched, as Arizona jumped right in front of them making that deal with Oakland.

Here’s fascinating exclusive behind the scenes video from the Cardinals website, as they boldly pulled off the trade with Oakland giving up only a third round pick and a later selection to do so.

Two things stand out: as Cards GM Steve Keim reaches Reggie McKenzie of the Raiders (“Hey Reg”), he reveals that they had already been talking in advance, about this deal for the 10th pick with Oakland.

And, if you are a Fins fan, this part should frustrate, if not anger you the most: the 3rd round pick Arizona gave up was below Miami’s pick by two slots.

Also, the Dolphins have an extra fourth round pick upcoming tonight, and could have parted with that, too. Then, the trade would have easily surpassed what Arizona (their 5th rounder) was offering.

However, VP of football Mike Tannenbaum or GM Chris Grier either hadn’t laid the ground work with the Raiders, or simply decided it wasn’t worth it to keep trying.

The Cardinals, as you see in the video, then pounced on Rosen to be their quarterback of the future.

Now, it appeared all along that Baker Mayfield, who went first overall, was coach Adam Gase and the organization’s favorite QB. And, as it became more apparent that the Cleveland Browns were going to take him early, then contingency plans went into motion about the other quarterbacks. Obviously, as our source reports, the Fins didn’t have a good enough one.

Still, the argument can be made, that the Dolphins have Ryan Tannehill and have also signed Brock Osweiler as a backup.  And, they could still take one of the other quarterbacks later in this draft tonight or tomorrow to develop for the future.

But, make no mistake. While under the gun last night with “the fire flying,” and trades being made, the Dolphins were unable or at least unwilling to risk something significant to go get a quarterback.

Something that to other teams did and got into the top 10, successfully.

We will see over the course of this season and maybe a little longer, if that was a mistake by Miami or by those who made the trades.

Particularly, if one or both of the Josh’s that the Dolphins could have traded for, ends up succeeding in Buffalo and or Arizona, it looks even worse for the Fins.



  1. FinFitzFan

    April 27, 2018 at 10:00 am

    I agree 1000%! Miami did not need to waste picks moving up. They did right by me staying put and grabbing the elite talent in Fitzpatrick. Well done. He is already a top 5 FS in the NFL!

    • JohnD

      April 27, 2018 at 10:08 am

      I love the pick. Aside from a TE and a kicker, I hope it’s all defense from here on out.

  2. JohnD

    April 27, 2018 at 9:45 am

    The fact is that Arizona and Buffalo had a bigger need to go up and get a QB. The Phins have so many needs elsewhere, particularly on defense that it didn’t make sense to give up picks to move up for one of these guys. I’m not convinced that they would have taken Rosen if he were there at 11. I get the excitement of taking one of these QB’s with all of the hype created leading up to draft night, but the fact remains that the Dolphins defense has allowed 390 and 383 points the last two seasons, which is something that needs to be addressed. Tannehill can get the job done for now, and if the Phins finish as badly as some “experts” are predicting, they can get their guy next year hopefully without having to give up valuable picks in the process. Fix the defense and go from there.

    • Rob

      April 27, 2018 at 9:46 am


  3. Rob

    April 27, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Fake news! I know for a fact that Dolphins were not going to select Rosen even if he fell to 11. The only QB they were going to trade up for was Mayfield. When he was taken #1 the focus shifted to improving the defense. Same for Broncos, they had a deal in place to move up to #2 if Mayfield was available.

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