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Should the Dolphins Sign Colin Kaepernick?

Ari Russell



With free agency being all over the place this off season there’s a lot of situation and scenarios that the Miami Dolphins find themselves in. Obviously there are still quite a few needs that have to be addressed. One of those needs obviously isn’t QB. With that said, there is still a free agent QB that is on the market that has been catching quite a bit of buzz, less for the reason of skill and more for the reason of personal controversy. That player is none other than Colin Kaepernick.

With Ryan Tannehill coming off a knee injury that stymied the Dolphin’s playoff run this past season it makes sense for the franchise to find a back up that has a certain skill set that seems to fit the system at least on the surface. Forget the perceived distractions, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has already proven to be an independent thinker. He was the only owner to vote against the Raiders moving to Vegas. He also stood behind players during the past season openly protesting various social issues. Ross has been one of those rare NFL owners that has gone against the grain and embraced the right of athletes to speak their mind. So wouldn’t Kaepernick be a perfect fit?

According to the Miami New Times, Kaepernick makes perfect sense.


Kaepernick, unlike fellow free agent Jay Cutler, has shown he’s willing to be a backup quarterback. Last season, Kaepernick didn’t cause a fuss when Blaine Gabbert started a handful of games over him. And that was Blaine Gabbert! Chances are Kaepernick would be just fine signing a one-year deal to learn under Gase, reestablish himself in the NFL, and go back on the open market next summer.

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We understand the controversy Kaepernick brings to the table. With that said, does it mean that he can’t at least be a solid back up? Adam Gase was able to make Tim Tebow look sharp. Are we to believe that Kaepernick wouldn’t be able to excel if needed under Gase? Who knows. What we do know is that the run against Kaepernick has be in inability to read defenses past the first read. However, Jim Harbaugh was somehow able to mask these deficiencies. The Dolphins have a much more stocked roster skills wise than the 49ers had this past season. Gase has proven he can coach an maximize the talent around him. We aren’t talking about Kaepernick starting, but he would be a heck of a back up for Miami. Probably more effective than Matt Moore with far more play making ability.

Sure it would be a risk, but if the price is right it may be a good move to bring him in to at least ensure the franchise can continue moving forward. Whenever you have your franchise QB come off a major injury questions marks obviously would linger. Kaepernick at least would provide a winning attitude, leadership and respect to the locker room. The reality is that he isn’t a distraction. His numbers proves he’s at least worthy to be a back up in this league. Perhaps the Dolphins make the most sense. Perhaps not. But the question remains, is he a better option than Matt Moore just in case? Who knows, but we do know that when he’s around better talent and better coaching he excels. And it’s obvious Miami is a franchise that makes at least some sense for Kaepernick to land. It’s going to be interesting to see what transpires the rest of the off season.

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