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Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill still pondering his ACL injury options

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When last we checked in on the injured left ACL of QB Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins were apparently contemplating playing him, should they have defeated the Steelers in the Wildcard round. That is unless, they were messing AFC Playoff opponents (and all of us) and never had any intent of playing him no matter what.

In any event, Tannehill has not elected to have ACL surgery, as of yet, and instead taking the rehab/wait and see approach. More on that from Thursday here:

The key part of Kelly’s post is that he may still need surgery at least on the MCL and the longer they wait, the more it would potentially delay the QB being able to participate in OTA’s and mini-camps, etc. That’s if he could practice in those at all this spring after surgery. It’s unknown.

And as we wrote in late December in a post that included an opinion from Dr. Selene Parekh of, the Fins taking the wait and see approach with Tannehill possibly healing enough to play in the playoffs, always had a good chance surgery would eventually be needed.

And Dr. James Andrews is the arguably the authority on sports orthopedics in this country. And if he was telling the Dolphins and Tannehill that the ACL may not need the knife, then you are reassured and confident in the wait and see.

That opinion may change at the upcoming checkup.

And the Tannehill mysterious knee injury saga continues.