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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross disagrees with Raiders move to Vegas

Florida Football Insiders



With the amazing and bizarre Monday news at the NFL owners meeting in Arizona that the Raiders have been approved to leave Oakland and play in Las Vegas, there was one NFL franchise that disagreed; the Dolphins.

Owner Stephen Ross cast the league membership’s lone dissenting vote to oppose the Raiders departing their home for most of the last six decades. Ross explained more during a previously scheduled session with the Miami media in Arizona.

We at F.F.I. have to give Ross credit, he obviously could have tried to move his team to L.A., like the Rams and Chargers eventually did, over the last 18 months. However, he remained committed to South Florida and modernizing the former Joe Robbie, now “Hard Rock Stadium.” And even after being re-buffed in Tallahassee trying to get state and local monies for renovations, Ross still ponied up $500 million himself to make it work.

Now, that is truly “putting your money where your mouth is.”

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald lays out more of Ross’ Monday comments on commitment to Miami in this article:


The most interesting comment from Ross is this: “You don’t play with communities like that,” he said. “I was looking to see what’s best for the community. And that’s how we do our developments. And that’s why we’ve been successful. And life shouldn’t be a question of greed.”

Clearly, the Fins owner felt that’s what Mark Davis and the Raiders are doing to Oakland by bolting, eventually for Las Vegas. And as for not “playing” with a community? Obviously, the Raiders trying to play the upcoming season in Oakland, and comically announcing Monday, they’d like to still play in 2018 and 19  in Oakland, too, is just that. “Playing” with a community.

Why would you do that to your loyal fans in the East Bay Area? Unless, you are are only “using” them while you get your new billion dollar stadium in “Sin City.”

So, it was only one owner/one vote on Monday, who said “no” to the Raiders move, but Stephen Ross has already demonstrated his commitment to Miami. A commitment the Raiders were never willing to make to Oakland.