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Dolphins owner Ross reportedly backed players kneeling for anthem

Florida Football Insiders



It was the biggest off field controversy of the 2016 NFL Season. First, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, and then, many others demonstrating by not standing for the National Anthem prior to games.

And now comes a story that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross knew that a few or more of his players were going to demonstrate for at least the opening game in Seattle last year, but he endorsed their decision to do so.

Palm Beach Post writer Hal Habib had the story Monday night:

The article not only paints that Ross was aware of the protests, which went on with numerous other teams around NFL on and off throughout the season, but that he was supportive.

That’s not surprising to us at F.F.I. We wrote about his own participation in a Dolphins bike/running cancer initiative earlier this off season. That’s something that you don’t often see a lot of owners actually doing.

Further, the Dolphins owner obviously gained attention, when he was the lone dissenting vote last month against the Raiders being allowed to move from Oakland to Las Vegas. He gave reasoned thoughtful answers about commitment to the community and doing everything you can to solve the stadium situation where you are. And, when he couldn’t get local and state tax money, he stepped up and fronted over $500 million for the massive upgrades to Hard Rock Stadium the last two years.

Back to the anthem flap, our Ari Russell wrote recently about the Dolphins considering Kaepernick as a potential backup, and the obvious patriotic backlash that would occur. In light of this story coming out, it doesn’t seem that the guy writing the checks would have a problem having Kaepernick on his roster, protests or no protests.

Now, it’s a matter of whether his football people below Ross think of Kaepernick being able to help them, while on the field.