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Dolphins “negotiating with themselves” on Jarvis Landry contract or trade?

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Kirby Lee USA Today Sports

Heading to the NFL Combine later this week, it’s still tough to decipher exactly what the Dolphins strategy is on Jarvis Landry with a new contract or possible trade. And, you could make a strong argument, that the front office doesn’t really know and are “making it up, as they go along.”

All the while, Landry sits back with the leverage of having been given the “Franchise Tag” a week ago, and knowing he can sign it and make $16 million this year.

Oh, and the best part of that for him? He would be a free agent again, next year.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter provided this update Tuesday afternoon:

This news is curious, because Landry’s agent Demarius Bilbo, has repeatedly told the media that the Dolphins haven’t responded to Landry’s counter offer on a long term deal, since last December. And, it’s safe to assume that, the counter offer was at least four years and at least $14 million average, because that’s the going rate that others, like Davante Adams in Green Bay, got in their extensions in 2017.

Miami obviously wasn’t willing to pay that to this point, and so, the “mini-standoff” continued into February.

But now? The Dolphins have “blinked” and put a one year $16 million dollar tag on him, and Landry completely controls whether he signs it.

Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero wrote late Tuesday on the Miami Herald website that he hears that the Dolphins are intent on a trade for something in return for Landry. However, if Miami is actually trying to trade Landry before Free Agency begins late next week, they now have given him all the leverage to make it happen.

Example, if VP Mike Tannenbaum and GM Chris Grier have a team that is interested and that has salary cap room, but Landry doesn’t want to play there, he can simply refuse to agree to a long term extension.

No team is going to give up a premium pick or picks, pay Landry $16 million for only this year and have him be able to walk after 2018.

Trade killed.

Now, the Chiefs have already pulled off two deals before free agency, one for QB Alex Smith to the Redskins for a pick and CB Kendall Fuller. And then, Tuesday they announced they are dealing CB Marcus Peters to the Rams for two draft picks. But in Smith’s case, he’s getting a lucrative extension and Peters is still under contract and had no real say so in being dealt.

That’s not what the Dolphins have, right now with the Landry status.

You add to the fact that Landry is the Dolphins best player and offensive weapon, and he should command at least a #1 pick, if not two total picks in return. He knows that, and other teams know that.

If, as Salguero wrote, they can only get a mid-round pick offer for a player in his mid-20’s, who has more catches than any NFL receiver in his first four years in the league, then the Fins have botched this. Fans in South Florida will rightfully be outraged.

Then, it will be confirmation the Dolphins brass will have been negotiating the last few months with themselves in their Landry strategy.

And, it will be 100% their fault that they didn’t get a long term deal done before now, and can’t make a credible trade, either.

Advantage, Jarvis Landry.

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