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Dolphins latest example why NFL should change post season hiring policy

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The Dolphins brass met with Patriots defensive assistant Brian Flores formally for a second time on Wednesday night to discuss more about him taking over their head coaching vacancy. At least that’s what the pretense of the meeting was. We all know the reality: Miami has decided to hire Flores, but under league policy on hiring coaches still involved in the post season is forbidden from being official.

Flores is still coaching for an active playoff team, but wants to be a head coach. Miami has the opening. They obviously want to hire him. Who’s kidding whom?

It’s pretty clear in 2019, this is something that should be amended.

The policy and a hiring of a postseason coach became very ugly a year ago, when the Colts tried to hire another Patriots assistant, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. They believed they had a firm commitment from McDaniels, although nothing was signed. And McDaniels proceeded to double-cross them, electing to stay with the Patriots and reneging on the agreement.

And to listen to South Florida sports radio and read comments on the internet and social media, there is still genuine concern that the Flores might do the same thing to the Dolphins.

Now, it should be pointed out that Flores’ 2017 boss, Matt Patricia left New England as the defensive coordinator after last year’s Superbowl to take over the head coaching job of the Lions.

A couple of other points:

One, Miami and owner Stephen Ross (above) chose this path and knew what they were up against in terms of league policies on hiring playoffs coaches. And, they have chosen to wait.

Two, there is really no harm in the NFL making these hires official and saying to the assistant “you have a guideline of a certain day(s) during the postseason week in which you can formally agree.” Then, you have the press conference and get that team started on hiring assistant coaches. They and their teams know they want to take the job.

Again, who’s kidding whom?

As we wrote previously, this is still a concern the longer the Dolphins continue to wait regarding coordinators and key position guys.

However, it has leaked out the Flores has already been talking to former Colts and Lions head coach Jim Caldwell about a prominent role in his offense and Packers assistant Patrick Graham, as his defensive coordinator.

Still, the Dolphins cannot make formal any of these moves, because of the policy. And it’s a concern on which ones they missed, too.

Now, Miami is not alone, as the Cincinnati Bengals are intending to hire Rams offensive coordinator Zach Taylor when the Super Bowl is over under the same scenarios above.

So, that’s two teams waiting.

Waiting for not much real reason right now.

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