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Dolphins Jarvis Landry spends time promoting upcoming London game

Florida Football Insiders



Make no mistake, the NFL understands how to leverage and enhance their popularity, and another example is the promotion the last couple of days in London, England, for the upcoming “International Series” game with the Dolphins and the Saints.

And, the hype tour centered around Fins star receiver Jarvis Landry spending some time with fans in different venues to help spread the word. First, a “Town Hall” style chat Monday night with Redskins QB Kirk Cousins, Hall of Fame electee Kurt Warner and NFL Insider Peter King with a bunch of NFL Fans both in person in London and on FaceBook Live:

Next, after spending part of Tuesday at Nike’s UK headquarters talking NFL with employees and invited guests, Landry was off to the training grounds of English Soccer team Tottenham Hotspurs, this afternoon, to show off his penalty kick form:

The NFL went ahead and announced Monday that the Miami-New Orleans game on October 1st at Wembley Stadium will be 9:30 a.m. Eastern and therefore a stand alone national morning broadcast.

As for Landry, he is obviously a play maker and a fan favorite in South Florida. The off field financial question that we wrote about previously on F.F.I. is: will he be getting paid handsomely soon?

While the organization seems confident, we’ll see if all of the ego stroking and good P.R. on behalf of the NFL and the Fins this week overseas means Landry really wants to be a Dolphin long term or if he’s just “playing the game” for now.