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Dolphins GM Grier ready for pressure/process of draft next week

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The Dolphins are preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft, and for the first time officially, everyone points directly to General Manager Chris Grier, as the guy in charge.

Grier met with the Miami media on Wednesday afternoon discussing several different subjects, including what the Dolphins may be up to with the 13th overall selection?

Here is the press conference in its entirety:

It’s interesting that Grier made clear that despite VP of football Mike Tannenbaum previously having been in charge for the organization, it was Greer who had the authority to make the draft picks from 2016 – 18.

That included a year ago, when the Dolphins chose not to get into “the fray” and grab one of the young star quarterbacks like Sam Darnold of USC, Josh Allen of Wyoming or Josh Rosen of UCLA in the top 10 of the draft.

Instead, the team went with Alabama All-American defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick (above) and Greer was candid about that selection Wednesday: “last year we didn’t expect Minkah to be there at 11.”

And this only reinforces that you have to be ready for all scenarios, especially the later you pick in round one.

Grier also had another interesting quote involving getting along with new head coach Brian Flores, and mostly being on the same page when it comes time to make the pick this time around,

“I’m not going to force a coach to take a player, because that doesn’t work,” Grier said. “If the coach doesn’t want a player and I say, ‘No, we’re taking him,’ and then it works out one way or the other, good; but if it doesn’t, it creates that animosity and then the distrust and it’s not worth it.”

The Dolphins have clearly been clearing out veterans, in particular, with large salaries off their cap. That included, quarterback Ryan Tannehill being shipped to Tennessee, and defensive in Robert Quinn being traded to the Dallas Cowboys.

However, Grier made it clear on Wednesday that former Pro Bowl safety Reshad Jones will not be part of that. He told the media Jones will not be traded nor released and that he is rehabbing a shoulder injury and will be part of the Dolphins plans for 2019. Jones is one of the few veterans left on the defensive side of the ball, does have a hefty 2019 price tag and that’s led many to speculate that he will either be asked to take pay cut or be gone.

So, will the Dolphins stand Pat at 13th and see what kind of defensive lineman they can get their hands on? Might they try to move up this time and get one of those prominent quarterbacks unlike a year ago?

Grier probably put it best when you candidly said about the Dolphins figurative draft selections: “The plan is etched in pencil, but pretty solid right now.”

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