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Dolphins coach Gase repeats belief in QB Ryan Tannehill

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Say this for the Dolphins boss, when it comes to his QB decision, he’s gonna remain consistent. And, at this point for the upcoming 2018, he doesn’t have a lot of great options.

In a feature item for’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” Gase was interviewed by senior writer Albert Breer late last week about the Fins progress heading into his third season as head coach.

And while Breer is covering most of the key parts of the subtractions of Ndamukong Suh, Jarvis Landry, and Mike Pouncey, as well as, the additions of Danny Amendola, Robert Quinn and drafting Minkah Fitzpatrick, still the #1 topic in every NFL market is the QB.

So, the item hones in on Gase’s repeated belief in signal caller Ryan Tannehill returning from his ACL surgery.

Now, we at F.F.I have well chronicled that Gase has publicly stated all throughout the off season that when training camp begins, barring a serious injury, Tannehill will be the starter in South Florida. The positive update is Tannehill has been fully cleared to practice during OTAs and their upcoming mini-camp, and he has looked and moved a lot like the Tannehill that was beginning to shine during the 2016 season, when he hurt the ACL originally.

So, of course, Gase clearly was going to repeat to Breer this past week, “he’s our guy,” just like he has to everyone else. And he did:

“Just being around him (Tannehill), this being my third year, the guy competes as hard as anyone I’ve been around, especially at that position. And it’s a good feeling as a coach when we’ve got him back out there.”

Now, something else revealing comes from Breer’s “MMQB” post. Gase gave more insight into the dynamic of having a QB that you still believe in, but the opportunity to grab one early on in this year’s draft. Again from Breer’s item:

Just before the Senior Bowl in January, the Miami coach sat down with Ryan Tannehill and explained how in the months ahead, no matter the final result, it may look an awful lot like Miami was gearing up to replace him.

“He was well aware of everything we were doing,” Gase said of Tannehill, as he drove home from the team facility on Friday. “He was good, never batted an eye. He focused on himself, he focused on making sure he was healthy for the spring. We wanted to make sure he’d be able to participate in everything. He didn’t have any setbacks. Everything went really smooth. At the end of the day, he’s focused on doing what he needs to.”

Breer went on write that Gase personally informed Tannehill of every step of the draft evaluation process, who they were looking at, having individual meetings with, etc. So, that Tannehill wasn’t caught off guard finding out from the media or online.

And, as we wrote/reported, Miami all the way until the time that they drafted DB Minkah Fitzpatrick was looking for a way/trade to move up and get one of the top college QBs.

It did not happen.

Now, since the draft, the Fins have also signed former Jets draft pick and three year veteran Bryce Petty, who along with fellow veteran Brock Osweiler are there as the backups.

But, Gase remains focused on making Tannehill back into what they had in 2016.

For now, that’s still their plan.

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